Time Management System OA for Beaconhouse School System in Pakistan 06/07/ MB. Costa Rica Super Mall with implementation of ANVIZ T Anviz Biometric manufactures a complete range of biometric products including fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint lock, USB. The Anviz Biometric OA is our best seller. Equipped with an ethernet port & superior USB flash memory downloading capabilities making it our advanced.

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Anviz OA Biometric Terminal | Junk Mail

For example, if the minimum calculation unit is 1 day, if the accumulated time is 1. Back to home page. And then try again. The defaulted is att Log in system and the following interface will be displayed: Transfer department enable realize this function.

It is assumed that the shift goes around every week, cycle every three weeks and staff is on holiday every Saturday and Sunday.

Firstly you need to cut the picture. Please refer to the following steps: Once it occurs, please deal with it in time in the software pa200 ensure the correctness of the statistic report. Some genres we love, some leave us indifferent and some we hate. System Initialization Please note: Fingerprint not enrolled yet Place enrolled finger.

For example, the head office has two sub-companies 1, 2, if the 27 staffer belongs to sub-company 1, so he should be authorized to the terminal named Sub-company 1.


Anviz OA200 Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance Clock Unit – massive price reduction

Use the mouse to choose the area needed cut. Anvia of report preview is as the following picture: Some operation information displays as follows: The interface is as following, 23 After activating real time monitor, when a user makes attendance record on unit, the record will appear directly in the list of the window below.

Then press your finger on the sensor scanner glass to register FP. Page 5 calculation report for one staff, the possible reasons are as oa20 Some operation information displays in the main interface as follows The following window appears The time period can be You can save the records oq200 have been treated.

Gentle Left Right Incline Down 1. At this time, either password or fingerprint can be enrolled. Checking and calculation of transaction records is incorrect.

ANVIZ OA Finger Print Time Machine

Exported Excel file can be used as backup information and can be imported again. Firstly tick Run timing downloading record item, then set timing downloading function. You can also add pictures for staff.

Delete the existing temporary scheduling in the selected time range; 5. Time attendance information includes record and used space information. Background Management Background Management Management software can collect attendance records angiz different terminals, calculate according to shift setting and finally generate different reports.


Imagine you are out on a hike or adventure in the wilderness and your luck runs out. You might be thinking: Attendance records exporting If need to lead out the attendance record, only need to click export, you can lead out the data inquired.

After the allocation of the shift, the arranged working date and time can be seen clearly for each staffer. For instance, the company rule requires the working hours be Please download the records from the unit before report calculation. Closed 15 Mar 14 ooa200 Firstly set the os200 in export record such as export format: Then how to use this system in a right way?

The remark can be made for reasons such ao200 business leave, absence, marriage holiday and etc. All the files and data will be deleted after uninstalling the program so please make sure before operation.

Input the database name or click the button to select the correct database file. This log records all the operations of every administrator. The style is Windows XP system wnviz as following, Black 4.

It displays as follows: The picture will show below. Modification of staff away on business or leave: