The LBC /31 is a flush-mounting ceiling The LBC /31 has a single- piece, 24 W dual-cone All Bosch loudspeakers are designed to withstand. BOSCH LBC /41 ลำโพงติดเพดาน 24W. Ceiling Loudspeaker Max 36W. Features. Excellent speech and music reproduction; High sound pressure level. The LBC /41 is a flush-mounting ceiling loudspeaker for applications where extra power is required, such as rooms with high ceilings. It delivers a high.

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Each core is a different color, and is connected to one of the primary taps on the transformer.

Consulting Design Construction, Installation Maintenance. A circular metal grille is an integrated part of the front.

The loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. Other criteria ID Document name. Please rate the price of products are sold on website me. You need is member of groups must can comment this post.

A dust cover protects the rear.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. A V matching transformer is boscg behind the front panel assembly. For loop-through connection, the rear cover is fitted with a second entry hole covered as standard supplied. Universities – Bosch Security Systems.

LBC 3099/41

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. It delivers a high sound pressure level and has a wide frequency range to ensure excellent speech intelligibility and good quality music reproduction.


Such documents may concern. This document was 399 by me. A range of Bosch ceiling speakers are available for general indoor usage, evacuation and difficult acoustic environments.

Bosch LBC/41 Ceiling loudspeaker, 24W, 8″ | Pro Audio

30999 Your internet browser has disabled JavaScript. If your documents are loaded by many people. Website only work when it enable. The loudspeaker has built-in protection to secure that, in the event of a fire; damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected.

The community of me. The frame includes a bass reflex port for improved low frequency response.

LBC/41 Ceiling loudspeaker, 24W, 8″

The poorest of all people is not the person without a cent, but the person without a dream. In this way, system integrity is maintained, ensuring loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation.

The appearance and neutral white RAL color have been selected to be unobtrusive in virtually all interiors. The wide frequency range means better speech and music reproduction.

Bosch LBC3082/00

The sound projector may also be suspended using the bracket. The loudspeaker has a ceramic terminal block, thermal fuse and heat-resistant, high-temperature wiring. All glory comes from daring to begin. Click here for details. The range also includes a metal fire dome, and surface mounting box. A circular metal grille is integrated with the front.

The loudspeaker assembly consists of a single-piece, 6 W dual-cone loudspeaker and frame, with a V matching transformer mounted on the back. An attractive metal grille is integrated with the front, and finished in a unobtrusive white color RAL Please support the website and help the community obc sending your documents to us. It can also be fitted with an optional fire-dome to increase protection of the cable termination.


Compact yet powerful Very wide opening angle Modern unobtrusive styling I nstallation friendly Splash waterproof Comply with international installation and safety regulations. Click here to register!

Boch has also developed the Simulated Acoustical Feedback Exposure SAFE test to demonstrate that they can withstand two times their rated power for short durations. Suitable for speech and music reproduction Increased sensitivity Flush-mounting in ceiling cavity Easy to install Protective dust cover Optional certified fire dome Simple power setting Matching surface mounting box Comply with international safety regulations.

Three high-quality loudspeaker units can be fitted with the metal wave-guide grille finished in a neutral RAL white colour. Promotion on the occasion of celebrate Vietnamese Tet Bosvh on the occasion of celebrate Vietnam National Day You can’t start next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. This full-range loudspeaker offers a high sound pressure level and a wide frequency range, and is suitable for both speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants.