CROSSWAY BOOKS BY D. A. CARSON. For the Love of God, Volumes 1 and 2. Letters Along the Way (co-author, John D. Woodbridge). The Difficult Doctrine of . The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D.A. Carson is just a short book (96 pages) that is drawn from four lectures he delivered in The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God has ratings and reviews. Demetrius said: Carson shows that the word ‘love’ has semantic range, but I.

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Perfectly short and selective. There is a distinction between falling in love and God setting his affections on man. He needs nothing outside of himself. To view it, click here. Chapter 2 This section has three parts as well.

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

The Difficult Doctrine of the Difficylt of God is a brief work and in no way attempts to bring resolution to various theological discussions, such as the extent of the atonement. I read this book basically a page at a time, and it still felt short. Aug 27, Andrea Thom rated it really liked it. A friend loaned this to my daughter and the title intrigued me. We tend to oversimplify and to sentimentalize the love of God. I don’t think he ever made that clear, other than perhaps placing the love of God on a scale – the strongest being intra-trinitarian love and the weakest being for the reprobate.

Most useful is the way he delineates between the love God has for his Church and the love he has for all mankind, such thd the gospel is something that may be extended freely to all persons in good conscience. Carson shows that the word ‘love’ has semantic range, but I found his way of categorizing texts to be fairly subjective and strongly guided by Reformed presuppositions. The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God seeks to restore what we have lost. He also explores the nature of whether God hates just sin, or the sinners that commit the sin as well.


I am to love my neighbor and my wife.

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God – Tim Challies

The provid We tend to oversimplify and to sentimentalize the love of God. Christian faithfulness entails our responsibility to grow in our grasp of what it means to confess that God is love” p. Why is this so difficult?

His book is not a difficult read, but is definitely recommended for its great insight, careful thought, and for its implications upon multiple areas of theology and life. Very good reminder of God’s love d.a.cason us, though undeserving.

We need to ask of the intent. This view is popular, but sub-biblical. Three Preliminary Observations on These Distinctive Ways of Talking About the Love of God i Problems ensure if one of these 5 ways are granted hermeneutical priority by which the other ways of talking about God’s love are relativized. Carson parses this out a bit. Carson wraps this section up with some comments on the Trinity and how his exegesis demonstrates that God is love.

What is grace, and how do we have faith? At the same time it is also nice to be able to learn so much without having to wade through hundreds of pages of text. The book also has many helpful things to say about the relationship between the love of God and God’s other attributes and perfections.

We need to realize that God’s love means many things and not just one thing, and that all the different aspects of God’s love, as they are found in Scripture, are complementary to each other. Jan 23, Ryan Bare rated it really liked it. Is God’s love unconditional? Jan 14, Eli rated it it was amazing. We see some distinguishing elements to God’s love too.

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Challenging for the layman to read and understand but worth the work. To me, one of the traits of a great book is that it will affect the way that you study Scripture on a given topic. With a God who is sovereign and plans and determines that evil? Before making his case for what the love of God looks like, Carson grapples with the distortion of the love of God.

In the first, he addresses the question as to why the doctrine is difficult and how it has been distorted. He believes it has been abstracted from other attributes of God, causing the love of God to be sanitized. First, he suggests that while most people believe that God is a loving Being, this belief is set within a foundation other than Scripture.

In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will I do think what Carson does well in this book is to show that God’s love and wrath aren’t necessarily incompatible. DA Carson does a good job breaking the topic into distinct portions. May 09, John rated it it was amazing.

Unpacked, an infinite God has established a relationship with finite beings. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has done itinerant ministry in Canada and the Og Kingdom. God’s love arises without recourses to the loveliness of the loved. Why is it problematic if God doesn’t love every single person in the same way?

But, we are Jesus’ friends if we do what he commands! First, any position must begin with compatibilism: