Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Starred Review. Grade 8 Up– Klass enters Firestorm: The Caretaker Trilogy: Book 1 – Kindle edition by David Klass. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. His mother is not his mother. His father is not his father. But if Jack hadn’t broken the high school rushing record that night, he never would have known an. When eighteen-year-old Jack learns he is actually from the future, sent back to fulfill a prophecy, he joins forces with a shape-shifter and a dog to fight the.

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He visits his own time, a world of burning deserts, and has to choose between his destiny as a prince of the future and his life as an ordinary present-day teenager. But the problem I felt that had to be the worst was the ending. Gisco and Eko disappear, leaving Jack alone. He is treated like a god by his peers but he doesn’t know that his whole life is gonna come crashing down just after his high school football team wins the state championship.

It was not as good as I thought. It sounded more like the set up of a movie scene and was easy to imagine. He soon learns that he was sent back from the future in order to stop the world from making terrible environmental mistakes that humans will pay for dearly in the future.


Mary Pelton’s Blog

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It makes you think about how humans are really doing to the Earth. The book gets a little preachy at times, but is saved time and time again by adventure and chase scenes. Jack tells the reader in his thoughts early on: Antigrav suits that let you fly are good technology used by the good guys.

Teachers can use this book as a jumping off point for a debate or a discussion of ecological issues. Feb 17, Bogdan rated it really liked it. This book is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This page was last edited on 19 Juneat klasw There were twists, but you had a good idea of them before they happened.

And when you’re finished, you’ll want to read more. What’s the Name o In New York City, a beautiful girl really a shapeshifting wolf captures him, calling him “the Prince himself” and asking him where to find “Firestorm. It was very predictable.

But he started loving the adventure stories his parents would bring home from the library—particularly Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson and Alexandre Dumas. Mar 03, Robert Paulsen rated it it was amazing. The action is non-stop, and the secrets are not all revealed at once–and they’re not always what you assume. I do hope that there is another book.


Firestorm by David Klass | Young Adult Book Reviews

His mother is not his mother. Apr 19, Jennifer Clark rated it it was amazing. He also constantly blurts out all of these huge SAT words and although some people didn’t like that I did. The rules are shrouded in secrets. Even when a huge thing happened to him not gonna spoil it he dabid just like “Ah well! The story became complicated and confusing at times. First of all, horses were domesticated to be built for humans, and secondly, they didn’t exist in the Americas until the conquistadors brought them over.

Review: “Firestorm” by David Klass | Mary Pelton’s Blog

Always been a pretty good guy, easy-going, laid back, friend to all and enemy to none. Firestorm is a morality tale wrapped in an action-adventure novel. Alone and depressed, he is tricked by something that looks friestorm a teenage girl into going home with her, where he is held captive along with a telepathic dog named Gisco.

Survival in Love, War, or Sports.

More By and About This Author. But one thing he learns fast: Jan 09, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. I saw little to know interesting plot devices. It’s like that for every character.