Like the cosmologies of Blake and Dante or archaic creation lore, The Descent of Alette is a fully embodied universe, with its own terrain and. The Descent of Alette (Penguin Poets) [Alice Notley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Decent Of Alette is a rich odyssey of. Not the least of Alice Notley’s acute dilemmas in writing The Descent of Alette is an extreme crisis of form: the crisis of how to take on what Notley deems to be a.

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Aug 08, Bonnabelle rated it it was amazing. The Descent of Alette by Alice Notley. But the book demands to be taken as it is, so the best thing is to let it be and not poke at it. It left a bitter aftertaste for me and a somewhat negative response to the book as a whole.

The Descent of Alette by Alice Notley

But the metaphors and imagery of mother nature and the abused mother dscent their toll over the course of reading. Apr 02, Jacob Wren rated it it was amazing. The Descent of Alette is a contemporary feminist approach to the traditional monomyth even following the 17 stages as per Joseph Campbell fairly closely.

It’s puzzling, for a writer to address issues such as feminism and respect to nature and harmony and then to give such a floppy ending. Best of all perhaps was the way in which the Tyrant’s death alettd come about, the description of the subway as arteries and the rivers of blood that were his heart. This piece is 2, words or about five printed pages long.

In the subway we see the power dynamic between the men and women of everyday reality. Though this is also where she learns the value and ability of her own bestiality–the ultimate boon.

Nov 14, Amelia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Traveling deeper and deeper, she is on a journey of continual transformation, encountering a series of figures and undergoing fragmentations and metamorphoses as she seeks to confront the Tyrant and heal the world. That alegte descent’s ultimate focus is the imbalance of gender, and that imbalance has created a history of oppressive decisions made by men is something I already know. Sep 21, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: Yet it is perhaps this ambiguity that helps one bear out the otherwise exhausting persistent presence of quotation marks.


My reaction to reading the text: Read more on the booklog. The mansion of the Tyrant was another great juxtaposition to the horror of the underground and the rest of the world.

I’m not big on feminism, which is another big reason why I probably drscent some struggles, and a partially bitter relationship, with the book. The epic is dripping with metaphors, some more blatant than others, about the evils of The Descent of Alette is a contemporary feminist approach to the traditional monomyth even following the 17 stages as per Joseph Campbell fairly closely.

In an interview, Notley explicitly states that one of her primary goals in writing an epic is to take the form slette from men. Written and edited by Andrew Epstein Follow this blog on Facebook. The concept of imprisoned people in the subway and the tyrant were all wonderful, and I enjoyed the fact that the tyrant’s focus was too much on the beauty of tragedy rather than its horror. She tells a feminist story of our heroine defeating or opening the door to defeating the patriarchy, as represented by The Tyrant.

This is an epic narrative that takes into account that there might be different perspectives to consider.

I loved the intensity of the words, the feeling that I was on the same crowded subway with all the people, or seeing the gruesomeness of the headless first mother. I need someplace to use them. Other people have loved the book before me and see it as perfection, so it is really a mater of taste, priorities, and comfort zone.

The Descent of Alette [“I walked into”]

Endnotes are given at the end of this file. But in Book Four the opposite happened, and the tension dwindled until the very end, and the resolution somehow felt self-defeating. I spent my reading sleuthing what that moral might be and whether or not I could get descejt it. I liked the prosody, but the book itself felt tedious and at times sexist misoandrist?

‘I see’ ‘with my voice’:

Alice Notley born 8 November is an American poet. One such example, she uses the subway to illustrate how individuals can lose their individuality: There is much to take out of it, if the overly feminist writing doesn’t scare a potentially curios reader away.


Some of the allegory was qui Read at the suggestion of a dear writer friend. Sep 29, Stephen M rated it liked it Shelves: I guess she could have been a fantasy novelist.

Notley herself explains in an Author’s Note that the quotations are meant to make the reader “slow down and silently articulate” the phrases with the stresses that the poet intends, as well as to A highly symbolic, feminist revisioning of the traditionally male “epic poem”. Follow this blog on Facebook.

Instead, I began to od of words as fo aided and abetted by images constructed of words. It is rife with potential analysis and deconstruction, yet is also a story that can be enjoyed superficially–merely for what it is. The New York School of Poets. Sep 22, preoccu rated it liked it Shelves: I don’t have words to adequately describe this, Alice Noltey is just I met a hairy-chested mermaid.

The format also made it difficult to notice when someone was actually speaking, as was the recurring trend of minimal to no punctuation, specifically periods.

Alice Notley’s ‘The Descent of Alette’ | Jacket2

To break and recombine reality, as dream always does do, might be something. Dec 31, vi macdonald rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet the absurd has its roots in a radical, even violent, dislocation from perceived reality; beneath it stretches a terrifying abyss. When the showdown comes, there is little to throw a fuss about.

At the end, in the last segment, it’s clear that in Alette’s world there is much work to do and danger of The Descent of Alette is an incredibly unique poetic narrative, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I can’t think of another book of poetry like desceng. I came to conclude that writing is much more than just words, despite it only being comprised of only words.