By Dom Famularo and Stéphane Chamberland Drumset Book Item: unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in. [FONT=”Lucida Sans Unicode”]Roland td w/exp – pd 10/12/12 – cy-5/8/8 – vh- 11 – kd-8 – tascam 8 track digital recorder – peavey 6r mixer. The Weaker Side. This book addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in.

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If I teh some great tips I will be glad to share them. Fifty two pages, one page a week. Included are two cartoon-style flipbooks to illustrate motion. Where do you consider your weaknesses? This is the kind of dedication and focus that will get you to a place you can only imagine.

The better your skill, famulxro easier it weakrr for you to consistently express your musical ideas. You can’t be a Marco Minnemman in 1 month! But we will keep at it, if for no other reason than to have the energy to practice longer! With the book The Weaker Side, the drummer will focus on the ultimate goal of being able to play everything with both hands and feet equally. Hey, I had a quick look at the big yesterday and “searched inside” on Amazon I think.


The Weaker Side

You would be able to express whatever was in your head. You have to eat quality food, control what you intake, and work out daily and the results will come everyweek.

famuparo Try to developing your weaker side by practising the same techniques but using the opposite limbs. This book will help you think differently and focus on sidr most important thing: My husband thanks you for your book and I thank you for the happiness you have given him, and the fun of sharing an interest with him. The strategic exercises are designed to develop the under-used muscles to cultivate a more balanced ability for controlled movement and a fluid and consistent sound.

From what I saw, the contents didn’t blow me away or stand out from any of the many drum books I own. It affects the way you play, the way you sound and also the way you set up your drums. Please read our VDrum. But remember, do, is no shortcut! Focus on it during your practicing. But this process will lead to constant and never-ending improvement.

The Weaker Side: Drumset Book

In our global travels, we have met thousands of drummers. The ultimate objective is to be able to perform any idea you hear in your head. Login or Sign Up. He has been working fwmularo it about three hours a day for three weeks and can feel the difference. It is very helpful for teh to know our strengths and weaknesses. Help Contact Us Go to top. I guess sometimes we look at getting results in our weak spots like people that go on fad diets.


Or both your feet were equal also!!

DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username. Click here to download this article as a pdf!

Do things like brushing your teeth with your weaker hand, open doors and try writing. Freely releasing ideas around the drum set with fluidity and being totally relaxed.

Imagine how you would play if both your hands were equal to your stronger hand! The emphasis on freedom is afmularo to both of us too. We are in an evolution of drumming. I have just ordered and I was wondering if anyone has gotten it and used it?