Summary: An epic novel of politics, religion, war and love that will leave you wanting to read everything Julia Golding is capable of writing. Chapter 1 The Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands had sixteen rituals to observe from the moment of waking to when she broke her fast. Dragonfly is a fun, lighthearted read about romance, religion, and cultural differences. In terms of plot, it’s not particularly special. It’s pretty.

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Tashi, is from a small island country called the Blue Crescent Islands, the islands and their cu Imagine yourself being used as a pawn; a pawn in the game of Risk. One of the things I loved about this story was the Blue Crescent culture – with governance that reminded me somewhat of Queen Amidala of Star Wars fame the elected royal, the formal stiffness of posture, the white face paint and elaborate clothingthe people are also matriarchal and sophisticated.

View all 3 comments. Tasha and Ramil begin to change drwgonfly attitudes toward each other–and to grow up fast, as they are constantly threatened with death.

Dragonfly by Julia Golding | Scholastic

When the West versus East comparison was This This is the perfect beach novel. The culture clash is dagonfly, but I feel like Tashi ends up assimilating to Ramil’s culture, which bugged me.

She does learn to fight, a tiny bit, but gets no real chance to use her new skills. Dragonfly was a fast read that I couldn’t set down.

The romance is sweet and tender but I wish there was more But good books ignore logic. Tashi’s crisis of religious faith is compelling, and this is certainly more than a romance.

Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive ambush, unarmed combat, brainwashing, and imprisonment? Grades 7 and up To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ramil, in trying to help, thinks about the big questions for the first time, but he also has dragonfy to learn. Cultures in books are so often one dimensional and often bland copies of real dtagonfly civilizations.


They can’t do it alone because teamwork is greatly needed the most now. The plot itself was pretty standard fare for the high fantasy genre.

Ramil was also a very like-able character. Lists with This Book. He was super creepy and evil. How messed up is that? So what do you expect when a young prince surrounded by all these rumors finds out that he is betrothed to the Witch?

I liked seeing the relationship between Ramil and Tashi progress, and although the writing seemed a bit juvenile to me at times, I was able to go through the book without mostly skimming.

I’ve never been particularly interested in politics, nor do I really understand much of it, but Golding weaves it into her story so effortlessly it doesn’t feel like a burden to read. Just mud and horses. For once, it was refreshing to read a YA novel that ties up ends!

Her social elevation was a shock to her, and she is still trying to feel comfortable with her position. Also, I can’t believe that the king of Gerfal would be so inconsiderate toward a dignitary from another country with such a different belief system than his.

Ramil is all “Tashi No event felt real. But by the end of the novel, he suddenly respects all women because a he’s fallen in love with one, partly because she’s pretty and b he’s accompanied by “the best female fighter they’ve ever seen,” which clearly proves all women are awesome and should be respected and treated, wait for it, like men?

Review | Dragonfly by Julia Golding

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book made a unique world that had its own problems. As avid a reader as I am, I usually wait a few weeks before reading something for the second time. But both of their countries are under threat draginfly a fearsome warlord, and the only chance of peace is to form an alliance.


I liked that part of their story, mainly because I loved Pride and Prejudice, but also because I enjoyed the personal growth both characters under went as the story progressed.

They reacted off of each other most of the time.

Dragonfly : Julia Golding :

Tashi and Ram developed nicely. My work as a diplomat took me from the high point of to My journey to becoming an author has been a roundabout one, taking in many other careers. Juila, Fourth Crown Princess of the Crescent Islands and former goat-herder was plucked from obscurity to become a symbol of her people’s government and religion.

The middle was a little too long for me, which was why I just found myself wanting to skip random parts. But when the fanatical warlord of Holt, Fergox Spearthrower, turns his attention to the last remaining unconquered lands, the Crescent Islands and golving land of Gerfal, Taoshira is forced to surrender her last personal freedom and agree to a marriage with Gerfal’s Prince Ramil.

Golding also touches on many current goldimg, including racism, the fear of and prejudices against cultures and religions we do not fully understand.

And I was totally taken in by Tashi’s self-appointed protector Gordoc, who in his simple-mindedness often ended up more insightful than all of his so-called ‘knowledgeable’ friends. Anyways, it’s a really cute story of adventure. It had everything I love in a book, comedy, action, and a love story with nothing too cheesy all mixed together.

The secondary characters grew on me.