The Bronze Horseman: A Petersburg Tale is a narrative poem written by Alexander Pushkin in . In a travelogue about Petersburg in , the French statesman Joseph de Maistre commented that he did not know “whether Peter’s bronze. Buy El Jinete de Bronce by Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. : El Jinete de Bronce (Spanish Edition) () by Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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I have it on good authority that the last one ends with a HEA but its a long and bumpy road until then. You won’t regret it Finally, I read this book slowly, while savoring everything!

Again, Alexander said and did a few questionable and problematic things, but besides that handful of things this part was so absolutely delightful to read about. And one way or another we will fix this.

Well, the same thing can be said about The Bronze Horsemanand all the negative reviews surrounding their relationship are completely valid. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There’s no way for me to sell it other than to say that if you know how picky I am, this book must be extra special to earn such high praise from me.

Lazarevo, Scenting Spring, Desolate Waves This part, for me, was the “oh my gosh, they are having sex again” part.

These qualities were also her weakness because it led people, especially her family, to often take advantage of her generosity and kindness. What do you hope for? So, of course, Tatiana does the only right thing pushkni refuses to be with him. I can completely see why someone would not like this book for that reason.


Paullina Simons is truly a master storyteller. But above all, I was hopeful For all the shit I talked about her constantly, it broke me. Tatiana and Alexander’s relationship is all about love, but it’s not all about romance. If you want an EPIC love story with wonderful characters and beautiful writing, this is the book for you. There are only three books, well, four if you read the prequel but that’s it and My heart and soul wasn’t prepared for that much death.

I kid you not. It was like stumbling on a book you thought you had lost. I thought this book would never, ever end.

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1) by Paullina Simons

Ninete I loathed every goddamn second of it. I am just over here theory-crafting how in the hell is Tatiana going to be reunited with him in book two, Tatiana and Alexander! Do you hear me? It’s rare when a book can make you reevaluate your life and makes you want to change for the better. This book came very highly recommended.

I knew it wouldn’t fit in the story, but I was seriously wishing. It wanders from its natural course.

The chemistry and the tension between Alexander and Tatiana was just so thick that it pained even me for them to be apart. And honestly, the beautiful, yet frustrating, story unweaves from there.

I loved the Kirov trips, Luga, St. She is so talented that I actually become speechless looking at her art. And then comes my favorite part of the book: My print copy was pages but I promise you, it does not feel long at all. It depicts Peter the Great astride his horse, his outstretched arm reaching toward the Neva River in the western part of the country.


They want nothing more than to be together, but literally nothing works in their favor.

The Bronze Horseman

I picked it, along with a few others, from Goodreads’ top romance novels. Are you at least more interested than before? The introduction opens with a mythologized history of the establishment of the city of Saint Petersburg in Love that was all consuming, world-shattering, achingly deep, and EPIC!!! The History of Polish Literature. It’s been almost a year since I read The Bronze Horseman the first time and to this day, I still haven’t found a broce story as great as Tatiana and Alexander’s.

Despite Tania being so young and vulnerable, she’s one of the strongest and most admirable female characters I’ve ever come across. Pushkin’s Elevation to Sainthood in Soviet Culture”.

El jinete de bronce – Aleksandr Sergueevich Pushkin – Google Books

I was all over the place reading this, but I honestly loved most every moment. Several critics have suggested that the immediate inspiration for “The Bronze Horseman” was the work of the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. Reading this book but felt like watching a WW2 documentary that included a love story. We get to know how these two heroes will outlive the destructive pushkib heartless war.