A Christian Manifesto by Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer. This address was delivered by the late Dr. Schaeffer in at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort. In this explosive book, Francis Schaeffer shows why morality and freedom have crumbled in our society. He calls for a massive movement-in. “Direction of Endeavor for Chinese Christianity in the Construction of New China” , commonly For theologian Francis Schaeffer’s book A Christian Manifesto, see Francis Schaeffer. For other manifestos by Christian groups, see Manifesto.

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Detractors will accuse — and have accused — Schaeffer of many things he neither says, believes, does, nor encourages. Overall, this work is a helpful, but brief, introduction to the conditions plaguing the American Church, the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex, and the history of the societal transformation brought through the Reformation.

Jul 03, Jeremy marked it as to-read Shelves: Spirituality, Knowledge, and Formation.

In Ting’s case, the reason remains unclear. Wang Ming-Dao refused, unlike Watchman Nee who signed the manifesto.

Christianity in Chinaanti-imperialism. Thus, we have on the one hand a reaction against abortion, but on the other hand an acceptance of the death penalty. Simply put, they are so biblically focused, and many are so caught up on the ‘don’t worry, God loves you’ mentality that they do not understand the root causes of mental illness. Similar intensification affected other government-led campaigns as well.

This ties into the idea why trancis church should be distinct from the state. According to Wickeri, this was not necessarily a disadvantage, since it allowed the church to discover an indigenous Chinese identity and a new social conscience.


This past year I’ve been trying to figure out my position on the relationship between church which church? After the Korean War broke out, the campaign became an increasingly politicized test of loyalty that became merged with the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries.

Author effectively compared and contrasted the humanistic man-centered world view compared to the Christian Christ-centered worldview and maanifesto dangers presented when a humanist perspective seeps into Christian doctrine, effectively creating an incoherent and logically inept man-focused cultural Christianity.

However, when one approaches a pastor about this, the standard response is ‘forgive them and reconcile with them. From a writing standpoint, it’s well-written. He also provides a very well thought-out argument against any established theocracy and differentiating schaefferr government that acknowledges the Christian-influenced system of government that makes the US unique to any other government in the world, even today.

In this insight alone this book mahifesto well worth reading. The actual time it took me to read the book was very short. I know from reading parts of other books that they are full of truth and wisdom, but he was also writing to a very specific audience, frxncis a specific time, about a specific issue.

He lays out profound truth in terms of the societal change of worldview and where that will lead us ultimately. Sep 18, Tony Smith rated it really liked it. They are being lost because the humanist worldview depends not on the Lordship of Christ, but upon itself.


The Christian Manifesto

Some view the manifesto as a betrayal of the Church, while others find sympathy for the position of Chinese Christians struggling to reconcile their faith with the changed political realities. This article is about the political manifesto of Protestants in China.

The drafting and content of the manifesto was, and remains, controversial to this day. To wit, regarding Schaeffer’s alleged support of a theocracy: That irritates secularists, statists, and atheists.

Of course, that does not apply when one is criticising religion or somebody’s left wing political chrstian. I think vrancis we can still agree with our non-christian neighbors that victims ought to be protected from harm; now we schzeffer need to convince them that the unborn are humans worthy of such protection and that such protections should be codified into law.

A Christian Manifesto by Francis A. Schaeffer

History, Theology, and Mission. The references contain additional resources for proofs. Dec 17, Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: A summary of his argument comes near the end of the book: The author pines for a religious revival that will manifest itself in the American legal system, particularly in reference to abortion, but he refuses to concede that what he is advocating is a theocratic system or in any way an establishment of a state religion.