10CAG/10CHG/10CGGHz CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION MANUAL Technical updates and additional programming examples. Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual. Futaba 10CHG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba 10CHG Instruction Manual.

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FUTABA 10CAG Instruction Manual

Compliance Information Statement for U. Turn on your receiver power. Repeat steps above to set low rate.

Always contact your region’s support center for assistance. The name of the model memory you are copying into is displayed for clarity. It is recommended to have your Futaba equipment serviced annually during your hobby’s “off season” to ensure futabz operation. Page 19 RHS Receiver Futaba’s dual antenna diversity then seamlessly selects the best signal reception between these antennas to ensure that there is no loss of signal.

Futaba 10CAG Instruction Manual – Page 1 of |

In this case the antennas should be placed at both sides of the model. For additional details on each function, see that function’s section in this manual. Larger models can have large metal objects that can attenuate the RF signal. Compensate for pitching up or down when rudder is applied. Those functions which are identical to the ACRO setups are referred directly to those pages.


When you COPY one model memory over another, everything is copied, including the model’s name. Channels are not supported in 10ch.

Prior to setting up THR-HOLDhook up the 10cbg linkage so that the carburetor is opened fully at high throttle, then use the digital trim to adjust the engine idle position. If this occurs, all of the data will be reset when the power is turned on again.

To lengthen or shorten your transmitter’s A counterclockwise. Pulse width control, 1. Receiver charging indicator To transmitter charging jack We recommend charging the batteries with the charger supplied with your system.

Operating instructions FUTABA 10CHG |

It follows our basic format of all programming pages: Since these functions are The following additional accessories are available from your dealer. Adjusting the length of the non-slip control sticks You may change the length of the manyal sticks to make your Please refer to the table below for the LED status of the receiver’s condition. Note that the 10CG transmitter may be connected to another 10CG system, as well as to many other models of Futaba transmitters.


The 10CG has digital trims which are different from conventional mechanical Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Operating instructions FUTABA 10CHG

Not needed for fuel injection engines, which do this automatically. Please be sure to programming, use, set up and safety information on the 10CG radio system and is updated regularly.

The same delay amount for elevator and rudder is recommended when using V-tail function. Find and correct the problem.

Transmitter charging indicator RX: Page The GV-1 controls throttle when it is active, so the throttle will not obey any FailSafe setting presets for throttle in the and the throttle obeys the FailSafe throttle commands. By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, a crash. View additional setups on the futzba