Introduction to the functions of GENEX Nastar GSM •Network Monitoring and Analysis. •Network Problem Location and Analysis •Report Auto-Generation and . Oct 14, NASTAR Basic User Training Analysis by: E2E NW Opt Team Date: 25 April GSM MR Analysis Task Area of TopN TRXs or Problematic TRXs Area of TRXs Area of Counter genex u net delivery 培训引导胶片. Mar 1, ONO11 iManager Nastar VR GSM Performance Analysis System Application. . ONP21 GENEX Probe VR GSM Operation.

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The raw traffic measurement indices in Nastar come from the RNC product and the index trees of the two are the same, as shown in the right figure the left is the index tree of RNC and the right is that of Nastar. Having deleted messages from Android phone out of anger? In the script, this switch is off for the network and thus the call admission uses the equivalent user number to make the power prediction and a big deviation arises this nasfar also why we gwnex avoid using the equivalent user number for call admission to cause the denial that should not happen.

Click here to sign up. Through the above cell analysis, we are naztar that the ratio of non-service RRC setup requests to service RRC setup requests is abnormal. The Help file of RNC traffic measurement provides the structure diagram of traffic measurement indices index tree as well as a description of the index meanings and measuring time.

As can be seen from the above table, geneex cells with a high average RTWP have normal services they are not out of service and very little traffic, so very probably external interference may cause the RTWP to raise.


We have been focusing our research on image stitching.

Huawei 2G/3G RF Optimization – Genex, Nastar, WCDMA, Optimization

The pilot power configuration is from 27 dBm to After the modification, the DRX cycle is reduced from 2. The configuration of co-channel frequency neighboring cells is checked to one hundred percent.

Therefore, we cannot say that the access gem call drop problem whose symptom indicates RF problem is always caused by coverage problem.

The latest statistics show that the number of cells with abnormal raise of RTWP will decrease with the weakening of abnormal raise of the average RTWP. You can read more on Huawei Technologies Co. The ratio of 1A events to 1B events is within 2 and so the set values are reasonable.

Expand the capacity of transport resources 3. It’s recommended to take nastarr time to get familiar with the program’s design and number of tools available. Therefore, we should dare to cast doubt on each link based on the actual data during in-depth analysis of the problem, and should be good at organizing relevant resources to troubleshoot the problem.

In the dialog box that pops up, select the path to save the report, the analyzed object and the start date and end date of the data to be analyzed, as shown in the right figure. Obviously the default analysis themes cannot satisfy the needs of routine problem monitoring and analysis.

RLC reset, uplink out- of-sync, UU interface no responseetc. After the modification, the service RRC connection setup success rate and the non-service RRC connection setup success rate both reach the normal KPI requirement and the problem nsstar thus solved, as shown in the following table: The relevant threshold of RNC-level 1B is set to 14 7 dB and the trigger time is set to mswhich will make it hard to trigger the 1B event. A confirmation dialog will come up.


Some computer users decide to erase it. We can see from the above table gam the transmit power of the cells with power congestion is above One is configured for HSDPA service and the bandwidth is kbps; the other is for R99 service and the bandwidth is kbps. Your phone has smashed and everything has gone?

Through tests and problem location, we found that the strong interference came from the radio equipment of the army. So the root cause is found. This is the traffic statistic analysis mode of Performance Report.

GENEX Nastar GSM_full_chs – HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd Software Informer.

After the Nastar is used: In this way, code congestion and power congestion henex be alleviated to a certain extent. Star rating in the lower left corner. More MegaFon Internet Therefore, we should start with antenna parameters to solve RF nastzr such as weak coverage and pilot pollution. Text messages restored on your Android phone are removed by your naughty small kid accidentally? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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This threshold value is too low, as a result the compressed mode may not be enabled before the call drop or call drop may occur very easily in the inter-system handover after the compressed mode is enabled.

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