List of Perks GURPS Psionic Powers Anti-Psi Perks 24, Astral Projection Perks 29, Ergokinesis Perks 35, ESP Perks 42, Probability Alteration Perks 44, Psychic . ESP Perks. F. Ferocious Beard · Fiery Resolve · First Strike. G. GURPS Power- Ups 2: Perks. L. Long Thumbs. M. Magical abilities can coexist with anti-magical . GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks – Penny Candy for Your Character! Everybody loves little bonuses for next to nothing. In GURPS, that means Perks.

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This doesn’t mean you’re necessarily better or faster at the actual tasks than others; you simply do the deskwork that others put off. List Of your favorite Custom Perks Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. List Of perjs favorite Custom Perks 7 Can run in high heels at full speed without penalty or accident.

If you are caught hostage and escape only wearing your underwear you can step into another room or when they find you, you somehow have a change of clothes.

Gurps Power-ups 2. perks

Not exciting, but I’d pay a point for that! Find More Posts by Rocket Man. Reaching into your pocket for a pen but you pull out something else 3 Always has X when someone needs something you always have it. Enter the missing character from the following word: Grab one or a few yurps automate the dull parts of playing your PC.

Or that some other task failed because the SOP consumed the character’s attention.

Anyways Here is my a few Perks I have used for Characters. Then it must be a Sunday. If you wanted a Jason Bourne-style suite of fake passports for a range of nationalities, that would be a more significant advantage though.


There seems to be quite some interest in Perks. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

As Good As Done: New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) perks for GURPS

Then I think I got tired of writing. Many threads discuss a few perks here and there for their specific character. Is the chef bathed? Keep in mind that resources devoted to SOPs can’t be spent elsewhere.

Perks | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

List Of your favorite Custom Perks 6 Fake ID and Passport Good enough to get you out of being pulled over or getting through immigration even if you’re wanted.

As Good As Done: I had something in mind like this: Does that describe you? All times are GMT The GM can nicely game these as some bonus on rolls to detect the subjects of focus probably using Per or Per-based skills like Observation and Search.

This SOPs below involve focusing your attention on vurps of interest. Nonetheless if limited enough could prove to be a nice perk.

Stands up to casual observation, but might be blown if anyone decides to do some deeper investigation. The SOPs below are easy to work into play and should be broadly useful for adventurers. With the above in mind, give a thought to how “big” your SOP should be.

Roll vs Search Search this site: On the road again You can carry and use one weapon that would normally be illegal for someone to carry under local laws i. It saves the player the hassle of. And the secret-door seeker tapping peris the walls clearly isn’t paying attention to what’s crawling out of the well in the center of the room I dont mind some debate. This includes cards, as long as the money is there there guurps never any problem getting approved.

  EN 15714-3 PDF

Find More Posts by Phantasm.

An SOP described as “You always check the room for secret doors” is going to take up plenty of time in every dungeon room the bigger the room, the longer the time. But the latter is a pretty serious disadvantage that pulls the PC out of the safety zone, needlessly eats up lots of time, or otherwise causes trouble. Find More Posts by GnomesofZurich.

Find More Posts by bigmack Perks introduced a new perk that I loved immediately: When time presents itself, you attack that stack: List Of your favorite Custom Perks Quote: Perks ‘ “Off-Screen Reload” does nothing if you’re out of ammo. Find More Posts by naloth.

GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks

The dedicated rear guard won’t likely be the first to spot threats coming from other directions. Find More Posts by zorg.

Originally Posted by Daigoro 6 Fake ID and Passport Good enough to get you out of being pulled over or getting through immigration even if furps wanted.

An SOP is a minor advantage that often gets some useful vurps done. Time may also be a condition. The greater the requirements for an SOP, the more leeway the GM has to declare that the SOP partially or fully failed to kick in because the conditions weren’t met. A Perk for all the would-be Linda Carter types out there.