In the New York Times bestselling tradition of Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas comes the last book in Vicky Dreiling’s charming, sexy, and utterly. I have enjoyed reading Vicky Dreiling in the past. I like her sense of humour, which extends to her characters and their stories. While this book. SCANDALOUS DESIRES Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can’t, she’ll set aside her.

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However, it is at one of these balls that she finds herself locked in a wine cellar with the devil himself, Will Darcett. As much as Amy was tongue-tied in the presence of others, she wasn’t with him. Every passerby was an actor; every car would magically stop for him; everything he saw was a cue from ‘The Producer’ to help inspire the go of a lifetime. Though there was a vulnerability that came from the change, she had the guts to want to turn it around before giving in and settling for a suitor just for security as opposed to love.

But this was in serious need of an epilogue or something more. Their story was different but no less interesting.

Amy is a wallflower, she tends to be docile and sweet, kind and her shy exterior hides a brilliant mind for design. But pushed to the back of a cupboard is a suitcase that’s been gathering dust for eighty years.

How to Ravish a Rake (How to , book 3) by Vicky Dreiling

I’ve loved the characters of Amy and Georgette since the first book in the series, so maybe I was hoping for more in “their story” Amy gets to be the lead, while Georgette has a small supporting love story. He knows Amy has a fortune, and if he compromises her, he can pay off his debt.

Unfortunately, they are both keeping dreilijg from one another He has to work, or win at gambling The main characters often don’t have best friends, so Georgette was a great character drelling get to know and hear vixky her own romance troubles.


Will is an infamous rake that started out with the intent of using Amy and her money vicly eliminate his debt. Create An Account Why Join? My only complaint is that I thought the ending was a bit rushed.

Where the book gets really strange is when they’re trying to be in a ‘dating’ relationship, and then there’s a weird subplot where Amy is getting paid for dress designs and then ANOTHER subplot Amy is trying to throw off her wallflower image.

I felt bad for the pair being forced into a marriage after their innocent and accidental overnight encounter. I savored each word of Most of All You. Dreiling knows how to combine these ingredients into a delightfully delicious, wickedly witty slice of reading pleasure. After succumbing to Gabriel’s skilled dfeiling sensuous persuasion, Pandora agrees to become his bride.

Soon after, they are accidentally locked in a wine cellar for an entire night. Will and Amy could have been an explosive couple, Amy wasn’t as shy as the previous books but I couldn’t see what Will liked about her. Her only thought is to get him to leave immediately. Make that a passion! Grand Central Publishing, I’m begging you to let me read and review book 4.

Bath, Stonehenge, and Spencer House are among her favorite places. The seduction, schemes, courting and betrayal make this novel a raie read for all Historical romance lovers! It made me laugh when they found themselves in the sticky situation.

The prim and proper Wheeler timed their interaction with a watch placed on the table. Trivia About How to Ravish a R So, as you can probably guess, I really enjoyed How to Ravish a Rake! This is the first book that I have read by Vicky Dreiling, but it will not be my last. I did like watching these two fall in love, despite their personal foibles. This was a charming historical romance that once started, I could not put down. Lady Pandora Ravenel has different plans.

What she didn’t plan on was the attention of Will “The Devil” Darcett. Mirabelle is in a dangerous situation though and she doesn’t have McGregor watching her back on this one.


How to Ravish a Rake

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The ending was so abrupt and stilted, it almost came off like an editing mistake. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. He loses a bit of money gambling, and instead of pleading to his brother for help, he figures marrying an heiress is his only option.

Piatkus Devil in Spring Lisa Kleypas. As many of you know, historical romances are one of my all-time favorite romances, so I knew I was going to like this one. Most of the book is really spent on their at home courtship. She has realized that her dress-designing skills can help her get positive attention as a fashion diva, ridding her of the wallflower tag.

Amy, the emerging wallflower and the Will, the lovable rake with wanderlust. The actions he took to get what he wanted I simply couldn’t condone. The classic novel of ‘villainy, crime, merriment, lovemaking, jilting, laughing, cheating, fighting and dancing’, soon to be a major new ITV series from the producers of Poldark, Victoria and And Then There Were None. He is not such a serious character and did a terrific job of handling some tough situations.

I also found myself really drawn to the character of Bell and I really hope that the author gives him his own book. They make a wager, and give each other 3 weeks to court, unless Will can seduce her first.

These two are just so gun-shy and unable to really trust each other that it almost like they were each waiting for something to screw it up. After they both get ‘stuck’ in a strange position, they are forced to marry to keep Amy’s reputation intact.