Set amidst the turmoil of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by an Egyptian journalist is an intimate look into. “Something of a landmark a bold and important work. [This] is the first novel I know of that successfully renders an Arab, Egyptian Muslim reality in English. Soueif is one of the most extraordinary chroniclers of sexual politics now writing.” In the Eye of the Sun is a significant, near-miraculous original: ‘The Great.

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Aug 22, L rated it liked it Shelves: We observe how the surroundings in which a child and then a young woman grows up in shapes her developing mind and defines her character.

The novel presents life between to in the middle east moving to Europe. The chapters with Asya and Gerald were so frustrating for me as if I were Asya herself fearing for eth and not willing to do any it has been two days since I have finished the book and till now everytime I walk around the apartment, Qhdaf automatically reach for the book to read a bit.

Also by Ahdaf Soueif. Want to Read saving…. I read this to get a better understanding of the role of women in the Arab world, and I got exactly that. I’ve spent 3 months reading this amazing novel.

Ye I deeply loved this book.

Souefi come here for the what-its-about. She knows us as we cannot know her. Out of the three key male figures in the novel, two turn out to be completely different than expected. I deeply loved this book. I think, through all nuance and juxtaposition and forma I have taken this vast, encyclopedic, sometimes messy, and ahdag gorgeous novel with me on train rides and excursions throughout the city, and maybe that’s for the best, maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it in one extended, epic, sit-down dose.


In the Eye of the Sun

We are plunged into the life of a fallible human being. And the Egyptians have now and then looked back. She lives… More about Ahdaf Soueif. It’s true that I ripped through this, smallish close set print and all, but I don’t think I’ll ever reread it after gaining further knowledge about all the events referenced by the narrative as current.

Great in its hefty, many-paged hugeness as well as the scope of the story it told. I had forgotten the days when I could blow through pages of a single book without having to gather all that up into something shorter and cognizant and my own in the aftermath. Trivia About In the Eye of the It turns out also that she does not feel desire, affection and love at the same time. This is a particular perspective — a very educated woman raised in a relatively liberal family in Egypt, living for sub of the book in England — but I feel from that perspective I learned a lot.

Were I to reread this now, I would probably tell you about about sexual and class politics and identity in post-colonial Egypt, but I confess I have not read this book soieif quite some time and writing this I’m rather tempted to pick it up again, just to see what it’s like.

We see the humiliation of the war with Israel, the relationship with the Palestinians, the politics of peace process with Sadat and we see the people withstand the crushing weight of a repressive political regime. This makes our journey with Asya into her sexless marriage and the catalogue of little comments and events that make that marriage turn into an otherwise bizarre situation, plausible. Praise “Something of a landmark…a bold and important work.

Just straight literalist realist stuff no bells no whistles about stuff that is interesting.


aheaf Oct 02, Kymberlie rated it it was amazing. In January she published Cairo: However, there were at least pages during w So far this book is amazing!

Egypt, for the English, has been a sort of literary aydaf. It’s a journey through history since Abdel Nasser’s days till the final days of Sadat, yet it’s not a historical novel, it rather tells how people lived their day to day lives during that time with highlights on a love story that makes a person wonders Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

In the Eye of the Sun: Ahdaf Soueif: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Let’s talk about Ahdaf Soueif a little. We also go with her as she finds sexual liberation with the belief that it could have come about that way. I miss it so much. The contrasts between life in the heat, and life in the cold; life in Muslim and Arab worlds with life in Westernised countries; sexual freedom kf sexual inhibitions are all excellent. To me this isn’t dull mundanity; not only does it create an intimate understanding of and sympathy with our protagonist and reveal her lexic orientation as someone embedded, encamped, engulfed in literature and language, but along with the narration of her and other characters’ thoughts, it builds up hte dense, intricate texture that invites the movie reel to roll behind my eyes.

Events in Eygpt and around the Middle East are interwoven with the life story of the main character, Asya, and her family and friends.