This legislation includes the State Financial Administration Organic Law (Ley Law regarding the General Norms of the Government (Ley Organica. LEY N° “LEY DE BASES DE LOS PROCEDIMIENTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS QUE RIGEN LOS ACTOS DE LOS ORGANOS DE LA. Banco Central Articulo 1. La Administración del Estado estará constituida por los Ministerios, las Intendencias, las Gobernaciones y.

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Without it, the media’s and hence the public’s access to information would be drastically reduced.

ley de probidad chile pdf – PDF Files

The CCC has not invoked it ly recent years andconsiders it to have been tacitly repealed by the constitutional reform. Many of these works were not submitted to the censor, probably to avoid a futile waste of time and expense. Discussion of the role of the CCC is inevitably speculative because of the secrecy of its decisions and the fact that, unlike the CNTV, the CCC is not required to publish any periodic reports on its regulatory activities.

This is likely to be a difficult and arduous task, for politicians and officials are accustomed to their exclusive domains. Article 34 allows the judge chlie order that an investigation be kept secret if he or she considers that ” its divulgation might affect the success of the investigation or the security of undercover agents, informers, witnesses, forensic experts or, in general those who cooperate effectively in the investigation [ The Case of Paula Afani Nor are the rights and responsibilities of journalists who inform the public about matters of public interest adequately protected by existing legal norms.

The bill, drafted chiel the Education Ministry, is essentially a updated version of the law and retains prior censorship. The draft Press Law, for example, limits the legal definition of “journalist” to those holding a university degree from a recognized journalism school. To do so would transgress its own principles of pluralism which do not allow the suppression of divergent opinion. Police searched her home and her work-station in La Tercera ‘s Santiago office but they left empty-handed.

Lfy European Court of 188575 Rights has held that “protection of journalistic sources is one of the basic conditions for press freedom,” and that mandatory disclosure is unacceptable unless “justified by an overriding requirement in the public interest. Chi,e to exhibit the film cuile immediately stayed by a court order.


Although the council was made up of eleven persons, attendance was very sparse. Afani again refused to reveal any names on grounds of professional ethics.

Until that moment, however, she remains at risk of a conviction that would violate fundamental principles of freedom of expression.

The Last Temptation of Christ. Moreover, numerous laws still impose restrictions on the right to know, particularly in regard to criminal investigations in the courts.

By seeking to restrict and weaken public access to information, the government’s position on this case runs counter to the principles behind its current policies on the issue.

A few buses stopped in the middle of Alameda and the driver and passengers observed the unusual spectacle in astonishment. As noted above, the bill was superseded by the public administration reform.

Conservative opinion, especially in the Senate, still opposes the reform. Point 3 of the declaration stated: The new law establishes the public right to know and the circumstances in which access may legitimately be refused.

In its reply to the Inter-American Commission, which Human Rights Watch has reviewed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that the information to which Terram was denied access “directly affected the way in which the Committee exercises its attributions” and was therefore properly held confidential.

Moreover, the government criticized Terram for arrogantly “conferring on itself watchdog powers which are not recognized in our legal system,” these being exclusively the function of the Chamber of Deputies. This was shown clearly in the Trillium case, currently before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in which the government Foreign Investment Committee failed to respond to a request from Terram, a non-governmental ecology group, for information about investment by the U.

History and Legal Norms.

The first of these categories is in line with the prohibition of the expression of Marxist ideas contained in Article 8 of the constitution, which was repealed in August Chiel effectiveness of criminal investigations or the security of witnesses may also constitute grounds, in exceptional cases, for restricting the right to inform or be informed. Rights Limited to Journalists. There has been little change of substance since.

ley de probidad chile pdf

If Christ is a person invested with leu rights, does he 15875 have legal obligations? A colleague found out that one of the members of the council was a friend of the education minister at the time, a verypious widow who was awarded the job to give her something to do. What is his civil status, his nationality or his patrimony? Such are the demands of that pluralism, tolerance and broad-mindedness without which there is no democratic society.


In AprilPresident Frei ,ey a Commission on Public Ethics, composed of important political figures, jurists and academics, whose proposals were incorporated the following year into a bill on Honesty in Public Administration. The defenseattorney of a Chilean businessman implicated in the conspiracy, Manuel Losada, lodged a criminal complaint for breach of the secrecy of the investigation.

Despite an important revival in Chilean cinema in recent years, much of the work of prize-winning Chilean directors in exile during the dictatorshiphas not yet been put on general exhibition in Chile. In essence, the verdict was a theological disquisition on the nobility and divinity of Christ, backed by meticulous quotations from encyclopedias and religious historians.

In common with other countries with an inquisitorial judicial process, Chilean legislation does not allow the public access to the evidence gathered in the early stages of a criminal inquiry. This limitation of the right to maintain the confidentiality of sources to those holding a journalism degree is unjustifiable, in Human Rights Watch’s view, since this right exists to safeguard the public’s right to information about matters of public interest, which is not served exclusively by any professional group.

In addition, on April 28,the CDE asked that she be prosecuted for violating the secrecy of a criminal investigation under the Law against Illegal Drug-Trafficking. These films may not be put on public exhibition.

A law governing public administration has provided the CCC with an escape valve allowing changes in the classification of films when pressure has become irresistible. Although the images and message of the film might be found disturbing or offensive by some people, the Chilean constitution does not protect people from this. In Chile, officials still retain a good deal of discretion in deciding to hold information confidential.

While the political spectrum supporting the change embraces opinions ranging from the left-of-center PPD through to the liberal wing of the RN, 56 and the press appears united behind it, 57 the majorities required by law for a constitutional reform are not assured.

The Last Temptation verdict has two other disturbing implications.