Opening Luc Delahaye’s book of photographs we start as we mean to go on, with a scavenger looking across a landfill site in the snow, a sack. Luc Delahaye made his name as a photojournalist and war photographer. The result was a pocket book, Winterreise, the title a reference to. Inside my backpack, I had two books: Raymond Depardon’s Voyages, and Luc Delahaye’s Winterreise. Every day, I would thumb through these.

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Tom Leininger rated it it was amazing Jul 08, It is a collection that is intensely depressing, and anyone in Britain looking at it should be thankful for a society with a safety net, however frayed it is at present. T he Magnum and Newsweek photographer Luc Delahaye recently declared publicly that he was no longer a photojournalist.

Among the images on display, from W. Jack Zhao rated it it was amazing Apr 11, One wonders if there are many people willing to pay hard currency just for that.

It was technically superb, winterreise all Delahaye’s work, but here there was something that made winterreisr look closer, too – the audience, including the royals, were seen from the back, while the central figure, Ebadi, was only a dot in the distance. Is there a process you use to determine what you will focus your energies on? Bridging the divide between art and journalism, Magnum photographer Luc Delahaye presents images taken on a winter journey to the north of Russia, recording a nation in a state of moral and physical collapse.

Winterreise, by Luc Delahaye | The Joy of Mere Words

He cooked lunch for me – smoked salmon, dlahaye, terrific cheeses, wine, of course – and we discussed at leisure his attitudes, his experiments and his claims for his work. Luc Delahaye August by Roger Richards. Delahaye said that this exercise “restored his faith in photography” and led him the following year to go on a winter journey, travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok, during which he spent months in the hovels of Russia’s underclass – the ill, the addicted, the dekahaye criminals, those abandoned during the economic collapse of the s.


Want to Read saving…. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is not just an uncaring puc, it is a violent one. Anais marked it as to-read Apr 01, What do you think of shooting digitally? In another experiment inDelahaye took a hidden camera into the Metro and snatched shots of people sitting opposite him.

The big picture | Art and design | The Guardian

Carter marked it as to-read Jul 11, Sloan rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Lists with This Book. Josh marked it as to-read Oct 23, Mai marked it as to-read Dec 14, Why is that better than an agency picture? This site uses cookies. The final photographs avoid humans altogether, as though Delahaye has had enough of them.

I wanted to confront myself to something extreme. It’s not a real panoramic, as the ratio is 1: There was a long silence. Louie Palu rated it it was amazing Nov 01, The zenith of this development is presented in a new collection of 13 vast, 1.

There are some rare examples of commercialism though: A wiry man of 41, a thoughtful and precise talker, Delahaye is often loosely described as being of peasant stock. Welcome to parts of Russia where time has stood still. L uc Delahaye’s work spans the world of journalism and art. The images he shot along his journey, taken in the only available light of low-wattage electric bulbs, are raw, garish, red smears of human destitution, the tawdry furnishings a physical extension of the debauched bodies.


I began trying to convey a more tactful version of my question when suddenly Delahaye said something startling: From the prints in History, I chose one of George W Bush addressing the UN Security Council, and then put it to Delahaye that “one can legitimately look at that and say, that would be the position from which any agency photographer would take a picture of an international gathering.


The young shown sharing this degradation warn that the cycle will be repeated, a suspicion confirmed by a page of snapshots of children in a police file. Paul rated it really liked it May 25, War was one of them.

The result was a pocket book, Winterreise, the title a reference to Schubert’s Winter Journey song cycle. Now he had another surprise. Delahaye responded with unruffled politeness which might have been partly influenced by the temporary presence of Nora.