What is a Teaching of Survival? The shortest answer to that question would be that it is a series of books written by Dr. Luule Viilma. These books are focused on. Results 1 – 12 of 48 Diseases of the digestive system / Bolezni pishchevaritelnoy sistemy. by Viilma Luule. Currently unavailable. Luule Viilma. K likes. Andestus on tahe suhelda, tahe tingimusteta armastada, tahe hing vaimuga täiuslikuks tervikuks ühendada. Andestus on hingepuhtus.

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There are no faults, no blame, only errors and errors are for learning If you feel bad, then you have a problem. Do you love yourself? Go with vviilma you feel.

Skip to content I am vilma trying to work on some issues,I am healing myself and why not share some things with you. Often I like to write down apologies to let go of the negative energy.

Thank you for your help and lessons! Kadi rated it really liked it Mar 06, More and more people went to her for help, she got tired of explaining the basics of her method over and over, so she wrote a little booklet to read before the consultations, which later turned to a book.

Luule Viilma – Wikipedia

Helena Toompalu rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Neelam rated it really liked it Feb 17, It viilmq be general: Our Body is our friend, who only wants the best for Us, but what do we do? Katri rated luul did not like it Jun 18, Dear women, do you know how powerful your love is? I have to say, that in Estonia women and men have so many issues, there is so many hate for each other. Angi rated it it was amazing May 17, This is so important! Think about it, and feel the pain of your Body!


The positive ones of course. Let me just say real quick, that women have been suffering through ages because of men and unfairness, but that is another story and nothing is ever only black or white.

It will make men angrier and will make them act worse, then we can bash them a little more and there you go, we have a viscous circle. I have had my on and off periods, but I can say from my own experience, that if done correctly and from your heart, it does miracles!

Then viila it again! Our body is our friend, a companion in our journey on Earth. Ask your body to forgive you, say how sorry you are — sincerely!

A Teaching of Survival

Luule died in a emergency car on a way to the local hospital. How everyone has their role to play, how we love to blame others in everything. Luule believes that everyone can be the best doctors to themselves by forgiving to the stresses that cause the illnesses and giving the energy of love to ourselves and to the infected body. If we get rid of the illness with medicine, or operation then it will come back as something else until we learn the lesson and let go of the stress tied to it.

Of course you need to find a calm and quiet moment to be by yourself. But the truth is, they are just playing a part to show you where you need to learn.

You are beautiful and talented and so special, you deserve the best in life, you deserve love. You can search for them online or make up your own. Feel the love, when you write about being blessed with certain people luuke your life. Yes, wants are a stress too! Her books totally changed how I see men, it helped me to understand them and I healed my relationship with my father. Sorry for not doing the good! I have been constant no breaks over a week in couple of years now.


When I started I thought it would be hard to find a lot of things to write, but it was hard to stop. To those who said they do, I say — do you really?

A Teaching of Survival by Luule Viilma

You never get anything right! Of course I am not saying to not to go to the doctor, when you have a serious problem!

The book is rich in clear and detailed graphs and tables, illustrating those ideas.

D These books in particular are very special to me. They will change your life, that I can guarantee, you just need to try them out: In one winter night of January while driving back home from the lecture in Riga she and her husband were caught in a car accident. Anni De forest rated it liked it Dec 29, She always tried to solve problems without a knife, without having to cut open anyone. Also all the things you did, like vacuuming, cleaning, working out — cause being productive is a good thing.

I hope this post sparked something inside of you and brought you closer to the path of healing. Hello again beautiful people: Later that year, when I packed my bags to go to live in Italy that book viilmx to come with me. Unfortunately this was the year for final conflict for herself too. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Feel the happyness for the blessing of meeting a likeminded person. Maybe he forgot to repair something and you thought to yourself how useless he was.

How would you feel in your bodys place?