Billy and mandy meet the kids next door

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billy and mandy meet the kids next door

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is an American animated television series created by Meanwhile, Billy meets with Jeff the Spider, who informs him that he is precisely marrying Velma. Mandy takes over the KND by fooling Number and the rest of the KND, but Number 5 knows she is not Number1, but is taken. Overview. In the crossover with The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy wears his dad's lucky pants but accidentally gets Grim's scythe into it and can't get it. Mandy comes to Billy's house, and knows that Numbuh 1 is not Billy. Soon Mandy becomes ruler of the KND, renaming it the MND (Mandy New Dictator).

Parodied with the host of Grim's favorite late-night show, Atrociawhose show was cancelled the moment she turned Billy, Mandy, and Grim are always finding an adventure and forces of evil to thwart. Billy and Fred Fredburger both tend to have very odd beliefs and habits. Comically Missing the Point: In "Substitute Creature", when Nergal Jr. Butterbean fails Billy on a math test for drawing a clown with a flamethrower in place of an answer, Billy remedies it by adding a pirate hat.

Mandy is the schemer, Billy is the follower, and Grim is the complainer. Hoss Delgado and Billy at one point encounter a pair of conjoined twin zombies in the episode "Brown Evil". Hoss slices them into ribbons as soon as he sees them. Doolin in "Who Killed Who? The fact that she's voiced by Betty White certainly helps. Irwin's Grandmama certainly has her moments, too. Underfist was intended to have the "Fistflyer", with speeds of up to Mach 4; like Hoss' tank, it's got a giant metal fist mounted to the front that Jeff would use to punch threats.

It's briefly glimpsed during the credits of the Underfist special. A message to the viewers, usually from Mandy, at the end of the theme song. Grim is a constant victim of this.

Many episodes show that Endsville is a pretty bad place to live in, even without all the supernatural dangers that the main characters have to deal with on a frequent basis. Though if the Codename: Kids Next Door crossover is to be believed, it's confined to Endsville, and the rest of the world is just fine. But then againthe KND world is probably just as messed up, given the massive amount of supervillains out to exploit or harm children, and especially Grandfather's Hate Plague -style Citizombie infections in Operation: Greenblatt shows up as a small boy in the episode "Duck".

Grim strips naked in front of him. Numbuh 3 appeared four times in Big Boogey Adventure. The years have not been kind to them. Kids Next Door crossover episode, which was not only a crossover of KND and this show, but of every one of CN's original shows that weren't created after its release.

At least one character from each show appears in the episode, even one from Squirrel Boy. She was there as part of a montage of people returning imaginary friends to Foster's in Bloo's speculation of what happened on the year where no one was present in the annual group picture.

The one that she was returning was deemed "too happy. In The Moviewhile she doesn't outright cry, Mandy gets teary-eyed at the possibility that Billy might actually have been killed by a Kraken.

Of course, she goes right back to normal once Billy shows up alive and well. In one episode, Grim summons up a suit of armor for Billy to wear, but forgets to mention that the armor is cursed. Billy finds this out when he attempts to go to the bathroom only to be unable to take the armor off.

The only way to remove the armor is to win a challenge. In "Secret Snake Club. The episode "Billy Idiot" features a ballet dance off between Billy's dad and Ms. Pollywinkle the Witch Ballet Teacher. It gets parodied quickly as they start switching up dancing styles, such as the Hawaiian Hula and That Russian Squat Dance. The early seasons were significantly much darker and morbid in tone.

After which, the later seasons were particularly toned down and emphasizing more on comedy, surrealism and toilet humor. Mandy puts on an army helmet and says "We attack at dawn" in the show intro. The finale movie starring the side characters, Underfist. Mindy gets one in "The Wrongest Yard". In the episode "Who Killed Who," it's implied that Mrs. Doolin is either a ghost or somehow immortal.

By her own admission, she beat Grim in "everything"; Mandy realizes that this means Mrs. Doolin beat death itself.

billy and mandy meet the kids next door

Mandy definitely makes a lot of sarcastic comments throughout the series. Grim has his moments, too. Extra points for being voiced by the original Dean—actor John Vernon—in a parody of his role in Animal House.

billy and mandy meet the kids next door

The show becomes more and more bizarre as it goes along, with several plots involving some reeeeaaally out there concepts. The Death of Death: In "Night of the Living Grim", Grim ends up becoming sick with Encroaching Doom Syndrome, so he is brought to the doctors in the underworld.

However, they are unable to save him, and he ends up passing away Parodied when Grim, Billy, and Mandy entered a sanctuary filled with the hourglasses of every human being on Earth.

Not only does Billy flip his and Mandy's hourglass, resulting in their lives instead moving backwards until the point where they don't exist anymore, but he even flipped Grim's hourglass too odd considering Grim's hourglass was enormous.

They also break at least one, causing that person the show's creator to blip out of existence. She shares his sadistic sense of humor and they both enjoy each other's company. By the end, he reveals to her that he is the real Grim Reaper and that all of his friends are actual monsters, leading her to run away in sheer terror. In the alien invasion episode, which ends with the aliens teleporting the dummies from all 5 CN shows involved in the "Invaded" arc.

Grim, but more specifically, his scythe, which can do anything. Perhaps the biggest example is from the KND crossover; with the Bone of Barnacles, which was supposed to be a torture device used on Numbuh 1 to get information out of him, but was later used to give Numbuh 1 a giant mecha sized suit of Bone Armor to fight the Delightful Reaper.

Two humorous examples occur in "Billy's Growth Spurt. The key ingredient is "screaming meemies"; to get them, Grim remarks that an interdimensional rift would have to open in the kitchen. Give it up Billy. They're doing the most horrible things to each other! I've never seen someone's spine bend that way! It looks like I'll have to use my full power to fight you, Billy. Bring it on, Babycakes.

The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door

I can't believe I'm free of those little brats. And I got jiggy with the chaos! And I want a snow cone! That was a great trick, Mandy.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy - Wikiquote

All in a night's work. Why do people do tricks on Halloween? I suppose that's partly my fault. Now, every village has its problems, and Jack was Endsville's problem.

Now, Jack was just a pleasant guy; it's just that he had this one weakness Now everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then, but the problem with Jack was that he just didn't know when to stop Rumor had it he'd stay up through the night inventing new tricks, then he'd laugh himself to sleep They sent a prank gift to the queen and signed it from Jack.

Who's telling this story?!

billy and mandy meet the kids next door

Now, everyone knew the queen had no sense of humor, but she did receive gifts But when she opened her gift from Jack, well Jack had to be taught a lesson That's when I made the scene. Well, it was his time, but the guy refused to go I underestimated his power He took me scythe!

Well, he wanted to strike a bargain so he could keep playing pranks for all eternity.

The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door - Ending Credits (2007)

If I granted him eternal life, he give me back my scythe. Did you give it to him? Well, I had no choice. I granted him eternal life. But the Grim Reaper does not like being tricked, so I decided that Jack would not be showing his face around town again Didn't think you had it in you.

I hear that Jack got himself a pumpkin and wears it as his new head Time passed, and so did the story of Jack O'Lantern. It is said he still lives in that old house, untouched by time Every Halloween night, Jack emerges with a sack full of tricks, and he plays terrible pranks on the people of Endsville So Billy, that's why people trick on Halloween. Oh, that is the lamest story I ever heard! I'm SO sure - Jack the evil pumpkin-head prankster! Well, I don't buy it!

The Grim Adventures of the KND

The door opens, and Jack pokes head out. Billy continues to knock on Jack's head, stops when he finally notices him, and then knocks a final time. My very own pet skunk! Hey, little guy, my name's Billy- [gets skunked] He likes me. As you can see, I have more important pranks to pull. So get lost, and take that phony scythe with you. This scythe ain't phony! It's the real thing!

Close up on scythe blade shows Grim's name and address. Give it to me! Oh no, Grim said the scythe could open a vortex to the Underworld, and, in the wrong hands, it could be a The oldest trick in the book, and you fell for it, my boy. Now I have the scythe and ALL of its terrible powers! You wanna trick-or-treat with me? Do you mind if I bring a few It is also unknown how he was able to access the moonbase due to the fact that he is an adult.

This episode may not be canon and merely made only for entertainment, not to add to the continuity of the Kids Next Door television series. When the intro song is over, Mr. Grim breaks the fourth wall in this episode. The first was in Big Boogey Adventure, where she was the replacement Grim Reaper until Grim was able to get his job back. Numbuh 1 mentions that it is Sunday when these events occur, giving some explanation as to why all the children were out and about instead of in school.

Numbuh 5 was shown to be the most alarmed when the Delightful Reaper assimilated Numbuh 2. Her reaction to what happened after he was freed was not shown It is revealed that Eddy apparently knows about the KND, despite not meeting them.

The crossover was made since Tom and Maxwell were good friends and worked on each others' shows. Both of the distinctive animation styles were intact but some of the KND aspects such as the ground shaking when someone yells are implied more.