Lola and narcisse meet the press

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lola and narcisse meet the press

Narcisse and Lola meet in The Plague. He warns her not to get close to Estelle as she might contain the plague. At the end of The Lamb and the Slaughter. The relationship between Lady Lola and Lord Narcisse. Lola and Narcisse met during the Black Plague. After moving to the French Court, Narcisse made many .

Lola and Narcisse [2X08) - 'You cannot force me to....'

She answers saying that Francis told her about Mary's situation and that she wanted to help. Mary is shocked that Francis shared about her situation with Lola.

Lola then tells her that she met Narcisse on the road and it gave her chills to see him there. She then brings up her baby and how she is in joy to have him with her. Mary asks Lola about the baby's name and she replies with Robert if Francis approves with that name.

Ending their conversation about Francis and the baby Mary gives Lola a task - where she has to find out everything about Valent's final hours and what he wanted to say to Francis. Disrupting Mary, Francis and Bash's conversation, Lola goes straight up to Mary, making Mary ask her what she has found out. Her is answer is that Valent took confession with a priest named Father Lucien shortly before his death.

They then leave off with Mary asking Lola to where they find this priest. In The Lamb and the SlaughterLola prepares for her son's christening and choosing the godparents for him. Lola upsets Mary and she is released as Mary's lady. Later, Narcisse arrives at the castle with his new wife. Estelle manages to slip Lola a note, begging her for help. Mary unleashes her anger out on Lola and offers no help on the matter, choosing to instead tell Lola she needs to move out of the castle immediately.

During the ball, Estellle accidentally stabs one of Narcisse's guards in her desperated attempts to escape. Word gets to Narcisse and Mary manages to get him distracted and she soon goes to look for Lola. Lola refuses to give her friend up and Mary decides to spare Estelle, getting her to a carriage outside, where she escapes into the countryside.

When Lola and Mary return inside, Lola asks why she helped get Estelle to safety. She replies to Lola that she was in danger and is her friend. She asks Lola to stop feeling guilty and stay with the people she loves.

Lola asks Mary to be the godmother of her son to which she accepts.

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The next day, Lola attends her son's christening. Later, Lola learns that Estelle leapt from a cliff and killed herself, thinking that she saw her deceased parents. She goes to see Narcisse whom is mourning his dead wife. Narcisse is very upset by Estelle's death and so explains to Lola why he married Estelle, dispelling the rumors of his treatment of his past wives, and later admits to Lola he's never been in love.

Lola attends Greer's wedding. In Blood for BloodAlong with Mary and her fellow ladiesshe takes a stroll in the ballroom as its being prepared for Greer 's wedding. She later runs into Kenna, who tells her about the Sex Journal she found and about the mysterious lover with the butterfly mark.

The two then decide to go looking for the man with the butterfly mark and see if he might be a good match for Lola. While on their search, they're interrupted by Catherine who tells them she suspects Lord Aris to be the man.

She and her fellow ladies, later take a stroll on the ground. Which eventually leads to a water fight in the fountain. Not long after she's told by Kenna that she's found Aris, and that Lola should go talk to him. The next day, she attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding. Later at the festivities, while talking to Aris she see's Kenna behind him gesturing her to see if he has the mark. While conversing, the two are interrupted by Narcisse who deliberately drive Aris away.

He gives Lola an open invitation to join him for tea. When he gestures his hand to greet a man, she see's that he has the butterfly mark. Lola having tea with Narcisse. During Three QueensLola grows closer to Narcisse. Kenna is trying to console Lola as she received a letter from her parents, disowning her, after they heard that the king has claimed her child.

Lola determines to find a way to get her own money, and some independence. Lola is approached by Narcisse as he has heard about her poor luck with the banker.

lola and narcisse meet the press

He asks Lola to tea again but again she refuses. Later, she tells Kenna that he probably just hopes to get intel on Francis. Lola arrives at Narcisse's estate and sees that he actually did want to have tea with her. He offers her a lesson on how to shoot a bow and arrow. During a party, Lola asks Narcisse what he wants from her. He claims to just wants a dance, to help her with her dowry issue, and a bath.

He tells her it's the perfect night for a bath and walks away. Later, Narcisse is out on a castle balcony, watching a woman get into the bath tub he told Lola about, when Lola joins him there.

She paid her laundress in gold to take a bath in front of him. Lola then rests her hand on his saying what he'd told her earlier: In The Prince of the BloodLola helps Francis with a task to go visit Narcisse and and to hide an envelope there in his estate. She gets Narcisse to leave the room as she agrees to take a bath if he'll draw one for her.

She quickly hides the envelope behind a painting. Narcisse tells Lola the truth about King Henry 's death and that he is blackmailing Francis. Back at the castle, Francis asks if Lola planted the envelope but Lola lies, telling him that she didn't have time and also claims that Francis was using her unlike Narcisse.

Narcisse and Lola

Lola wants to know what Narcisse wants with her. As she kisses back, she pulls away and slaps him, telling him "Do not seek to take before I give. Along comes Narcisse and he offers her a ride on his horse. She thinks that Francis is after Narcisse to protect his secret, but he tells her about all the people Narcisse has threatened, including their son.

lola and narcisse meet the press

She confesses that she did hide the envelope at Narcisse's estate. Later, Narcisse comes to Lola and he stakes the fact that she tried to have him framed for treason as an answer to his proposal of a clandestine affair. At the end of the episode, Francis is hurt that he has ruined his marriage and Lola assures him that he just loves his wife and is a good man.

Lola looks jealous and Mary comes in to tell her that Narcisse is unsuitable for her. During the night, she attends the party with Mary and Kenna. Later, Narcisse comes to Lola while she is with her son and expresses some remorse that his pressure on Francis could in some way be responsible for all the chaos that has happened.

He confesses that he still thinks of her. Narcisse pretends to be innocent and asks why he would do such a thing, if not to spend a few moments alone with her. Later, Lola is riding the horse with Narcisse and he tells her how his second wife loved to ride like her, especially since the position for the woman was aggravating. Lola tells him she didn't want to crowd him and he says he doesn't mind if she'd rather be pressed up against him.

lola and narcisse meet the press

Lola doesn't want to and Narcisse reminds her that he's seen her in a bath before. He then proposes that they begin meeting in secret, because he knows Lola doesn't want to be looked down on from her king and friends, that she doesn't have to defend liking or doing something.

lola and narcisse meet the press

He says she strikes him as impatient, and so he'd like an answer soon. Later, Lola tells Francis that she knows he killed Henry and that he's being black-mailed by Narcisse.

lola and narcisse meet the press

Francis freaks out a little, and Lola tells him Narcisse told her the truth so she'd be on his side, and that when Francis tries to use her against him, she wouldn't. Francis tells her that Narcisse threatened Mary and their baby as well, and then Lola confesses that she did hide the envelope in Narcisse's estate. The guards search Narcisse's estate but find nothing, and Francis apologizes because since Narcisse found the letter, Lola would be in danger too.

Near the end of the episode, Narcisse tells Lola that her planting the cipher in his estate was answer enough, but he wanted to know why she did, as he thought she'd had a change of heart. She tells him that she did have a change of heart, and asks when he found the letter.

A teary-eyed Narcisse replies that he found it moments before the guards arrived to search his place. She answers his question, that he wasn't blackmailing Francis to become a good catholic leader when he was threatening her son. Narcisse tells her that he would never hurt her or her baby, and that he just warned Francis of what might happen if the Valois line was to fall. She tells him that he's just a dangerous man, and he replies that his friendship could have helped kept her safer, and that the world was a dangerous place, and she would regret not having someone like him to look after her.

Narcisse shares his concerns for Lola. In Acts of WarPrincess Claude comes to visit Lola, Greerand Kenna and tells them that she desperately needs their help to find out about Narcisse. The girls quiet down and Kenna gives Lola a knowing stare.

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Claude says that he can't be that bad and explains that if she has an affair with an "old man" that her mother will have no chance of marrying her off. Queen Mary then comes in and overhears and warns Claude to stay away from Lord Narcisse as he is a liar, schemer, and dangerous. By the end of the episode, while Lola is tending to her baby, a guard walks in and says that Lord Narcisse asked if she would speak with him. Lola allows him in.

He tells her that he wanted to see how she was feeling, and if she was alright. Lola tells him that the protestants came just as he'd said, and that they might have killed Francis and Mary, and who knows where they would have stopped. He says he takes no pleasure in being right, especially since he was wrong about other issues.

He tells her that he's worried that France is burning and he knows why the protestants attacked, and he feels guilt because he's the one that "lit the match'. He says these words; "You betrayed me.

You called me an enemy to those you hold dear and yet, When there was danger tonight, My worry was for you. A small smile is seen on Lola's face and the scene ends. Narcisse asks Lola to go to the hot springs with him.

In Sins of the PastNarcisse hears of Lola becoming involved with Louis and asks her if someone is making her do it. While at the party, she finds Narcisse kissing Claude. She walks away and runs into Kenna and tells her what she saw. In Forbiddena drunk Lola runs into Narcisse and asks if sex with him could be simple and not scary.

She asks if there is something dirty or odd involved. She kisses him and bites his lip hard. Lola says, "Not you too! He snaps for her maid and says to take her to her chambers and get the physician.

He always offer me a bath. Narcisse telling Lola that he cares about her. In AbandonedLola and Narcisse see each other outside of Greer 's brothel.

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He warns her that she should stay away from there if she hopes to uphold her reputation. She asks why does he care and he gently touches her cheek, telling he doesn't know why but he does. In FugitiveNarcisse sends of a drawing of Lola taking a bath in order to stay on Catherine 's side. When Lola confronts him about this, Narcisse tells her that she should have never trusted him. In The SiegeNarcisse goes to see Lola before she leaves the castle to safety.

She knows that what he did in the previous episode was only to push her away and stay in Catherine's good graces. He admits to it but declares to Lola on how he would have cherished her if only he had a chance.

They then kiss and unknown to the both of them, the maid sees them and reports to Catherine. Narcisse saves Lola and her son in Burn.