Meet the makers at community workshops

Meet the Makers: Torey - YuKonstruct | Community Workshop & Makerspace in the Yukon

meet the makers at community workshops

With the Maker Movement slowly taking over the world, community community workshops are gathering places where people can meet up to. Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our makerspace. Torey Hampson is our new. Meet the makers at community workshops. Two Twin Cities area community workshops offer tools and training for ultra DIYers. By PETER.

It is a vision of highlighting the process over the final look and disrupting the common adversarial relation of architect — builder — client, in favour of physical involvement of all parties.

Such utopian concept is not new. The idea of a community production centre appeared in the last centuries several times.

meet the makers at community workshops

The movement was in its core socialist and anti-industrial in direct opposition to celebration of the machines, which replaced the muscle power during the Industrial Revolution. The movement was soon taken over by Modernism that affected all areas of life, including the living spaces. The future users were welcomed to customise their houses by yourself in the process of its construction. The Yard meant to function as a centre for democratic construction, involving practical education, prototyping and experimentation with local materials.

The concept that is not far from the gothic precedens frees-up the architect from producing much of the documentation by passing it onto the shoulders of the experts and managing them efficiently 5.

meet the makers at community workshops

Several academic programs are aware of the need to maintain the traditional on-site experience among young spatial designers, as for example the Rural Studioa part of Auburn University in US.

The ecoMOD is an university extension that produces real scale sustainable solutions of houses. Apart from American makerspaces and community workshops that occurs almost in every bigger city nowadays, many other design studios and non-for-profits in Europe such as HellowoodBellastock or Nod Makerspacethat offer practical trainings are having physical workshop as a part of their workplace.

Critical Concrete is closing the gap in architectural education by its practical Summer school. The goal is not only to make, but tackle the urban poverty through social and sustainable action.

Contemporary interest in making has raised from the revolt of the DIY culture.

Meet the Makers: Amy - YuKonstruct | Community Workshop & Makerspace in the Yukon

A 1-hour casual drop-in style format workshop. We strive to educate, inspire and enable others through design and technology. Get introduced to the world of IoT Internet of Things via wearable technology. In this 90 minute workshop, students will get exposed to ideating and designing a wearable project that solves a real life problem. The focus of the workshop would be learn about Micro: All laptops and materials are provided and there is no prior coding experience is required.

Make your toy move, talk, walk, light up or glow! Or play a digital piano! We show a DIY version produced with a laser cutter and model landscaping. The area can be adapted to the size and it is also able to process thicker materials. Another featureis the self-made mount. Are you interested in creating a fully handmade and fully functional small wind turbine? We show you how it could look like and inform you about workshops, manuals and using possibilities.

You are creative and love games and challenges?

meet the makers at community workshops

See you at our booth. Come and check what we have made, hacked and written tutorials about. Full fairing, rain protection, sun roof, luggage space 0. We show you the manufacturing process and the finished guitars. It integrates some human interaction features and machine learning capabilities. The robot is able to create 3d maps and also detect some targets. Visit to learn more. By now, 11 renovated Vespa-cars drive around town and provide coffee lovers with fine latte-art coffee in many different area or on events.

It talks, dances, flirts and - watch out - it can get cheeky! We would like to show you what is happening in Brno makers community.

Meet the Makers: Amy

What projects are being developed and what are we planning to do in FabLab encourages and supports creativity, experimentation and innovation. Fabman simplifies all your day-to-day tasks, takes care of billing and payments and lets users book machines and rooms—so you can focus more on your community and growing your business.

As a variant for vertical farming with a green wall of Alchemia Nova http: FH Campus Wien is presenting project work and providing information about its degree programs: The dual degree program "Smart Engineering" turns students into experts for innovative products and smart production. Fingerfarbensound Digital modular synthesizer with motorized user interface. The whole structure and steerage has been adapted and now offer even better results.

Most likely additional computer animation on the same subject.

meet the makers at community workshops

Raw materials from nature, some electronics and lots of creativity are the recipe for our objects. Look forward to it, we look forward to seeing you. Natural and wild energy composite of found seashore resources like wood and bone, but also silver and rope.

Every item is unique. Self-made care products do not only help being healthy and self-determined but also to protect the environment.

meet the makers at community workshops

Stadt is an open workshop dedicated to hobby makers, artisanry and knowledge transfer of crafts. We will explain you what it is and how it works.

MakerTour - workshops & makers around the world

You can join our workshops and take your projects home. Robots, 3D printing, laser cutting, home-made musical instruments, various electronic projects, Frankfurter-Getling, Arduino and Raspi projects and much more. In our free training courses we show you how it's done - no previous knowledge required! With visual programming or Python you can immediately control your first robot.

Our concept is an all-inclusive package that the Consumers want to seduce not only to cook for themselves, but you also a completely new awareness of a healthy and enjoyable diet taught.

The customer can choose from 9 different dishes, each one Change week, select at least 3 dishes and his cooking box individually put together. Because the filament is just as important as the 3 D printer itself. The desired printing results can only succeed in using the best filament in the 3D printer.

Their handmade burger specialties are always freshly prepared. Their credo is "No compromises are made on ingredients" im-pro. The following projects are on display: There will also be a sale of personally customizable goods.

Ina Auderieth crafted jewelry, shirts, posters, postcards and psychadelic art, Tarot cards, printed bags Industrie 4. The Robot provides an example of individualized production.