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Products 1 - 40 SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES · SHOTGUN SPARES . Browning MaxusOperating Handle. BROWNING Maxus Spacer #1 Type 1. BROWNING. Maxus Black Gold. The Browning Maxus is a real workhorse. It will never let you down in even the most demanding conditions in the field. The gas system on the . Mark shoots many shotguns, but his favorite is his maple Browning Maxus, which and anyone who meets him knows just how passionate he is about this great.

Game gun or Sporter? Usually the field gun has a thinner rib, possibly a lower stock, and slightly less all-up and barrel weight the barrel weight often being related to the rib type. My inclination is towards sporters for all-round use. I generally prefer the steadier way they handle — they tend to be more stable, a little heavier, but they also typically recoil less.

Too often I have watched people punishing themselves using lightweight game guns for clays or, indeed, game. The barrels on the Sporters are a little heavier, as discussed, and have wider ribs 10mm instead of 6mm in both cases.

The Beretta boasts a lower action profile, Opti-bored barrels with longer forcing cones and longer Opti-chokes.

meet the team maxus shotgun

It benefits from a full width hinge pin and traditional Bstyle bolting. They are both first rate guns and selecting which one is right for you is just a matter of personal choice. I do find the Browning grip shape sometimes suits those with larger hands though. They both come with four chokes in an ABS case as is common with most of the guns discussed. The only real difference is a 6mm or 10mm rib, save that the Sporter has an adjustable trigger and vented side ribs. The latest Sporters also have lightened barrels giving them a near ideal handling in my book the older Sporters were not quite as lively and therefore, arguably, less suited to field work.

What else do we have? The top notch Sporter is another designated clay gun — and one I especially like. It has a very plain, inoffensively embellished action though silver finished, it could not be considered gaudy in any sense.

The gun is also interesting for having adjustable balance via weights in the stock and a new barrel profile an adjustable stock version is available too. Beretta still offer the SV10 chassis guns — the Perennia and Prevail. They were meant, one suspects, to gradually replace the series but this never really happened, possibly because of their quite radical aesthetics.

They have enlarged barrel shoulders but are generally similar to Silver Pigeons in basic concept, but can withstand higher pressures because of re-engineering. I am not, however, especially fond of the kick-off recoil reducing device offered on some of these SV10s the one in the grip on some s is another matter. I find it bounces at the shoulder. The factory has now closed, although you will find them on secondhand shelves my preference would still be for a good secondhand Beretta or Browning because I think they handle better and have better trigger pulls.

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What about a semi? It has a wood stock and looks nice. Five chokes are supplied, and it comes with removable sling studs and a clean looking black action.

Browning Maxus Review

The gas-operated s have now gone replaced by the series models which have a rotary boltbut are well worth considering secondhand. My vote with regard to new Beretta semi-autos would probably go for the like, Outlander.

The basic synthetic stocked SX3 is a particularly good buy and would be my choice over some of the bargain basement semis. Continuing our quest for the ideal all-round gun, we might go back to look at some of the front runners out of the Browning, Winchester and Miroku stable. I really like the new s a gun inspired by the B25, retaining a full width hinge pin and similar bolting, but with a lower action profile, modernised styling, and a very clever sealed DS — Direct Seal — multi-chokes incorporating a copper compression ring at their base.

There is also a smart limited edition black action gun with plain-ish action but upgraded wood. Miroku Miroku still have some very well-priced guns; both the MK 60 and MK 70 are worthy of serious consideration for general use. The former has an 8mm rib and fixed chokes improved and three-quartersthe latter with a 10mm rib and five multi-chokes. The MK 70 has a 10mm sporter rib and five chokes. This is a clay gun which is used by many top game shots too — especially for high bird work.

Firing pin retracting system 4. Speed Lock lever system 5. Gas system seal ring 6. Spring loaded link for ease of assembly The team shot about 25, rounds in one week during a recent test. Over the course of final prototyping a number of very radical ideas for autoloaders were set aside in favor of more practical ideas that provided more benefit to the shooter. Browning designs have owed their success in large part not only because they worked so well, but because they were readily producible and they accomplished the main objectives with less complexity.

Here are a few of the final features with explanations of significant improvements provided by the Browning Maxus design team. The magazine system offers a huge improvement in the way the cartridge latch functions. The latch retains contact and control of the rim of the cartridge at all times until the shell is allowed to move rearward over the carrier for loading into the chamber.

No pressure is exerted on the mechanism from magazine spring tension until that moment. This improves the timing of the mechanism, reduces stress on the loading system parts and makes it possible for loaded shells to be easily removed from the magazine with a push on the latch.

The real benefit is that all of this is accomplished while still incorporating a Speed Loading system. The Speed Loading system allows you to load the chamber with the breech in the locked rearward position by simply inserting a loaded shell into the magazine.

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The shell is then transferred automatically to the carrier then up to the chamber. Many hunters like this feature simply because it is cool to watch, but the real advantage is that it enables you to consistently load the Maxus the same way each time — through the magazine. Significant improvements to the gas system including a gas seal and larger exhaust ports. The gas seal keeps pressure within the system more consistent and keeps gasses sealed in the cylinder as they enter from the barrel and are expelled out the exhaust ports.

By giving the piston system a slightly longer stroke it increases overall inertia of the slide itself, which provides consistent function of the action with very light loads.

The Maxus has the fastest locktime for any Browning autoloader ever. In testing it exceeded all of our major competitors significantly.

Gun test: The ultimate all-rounder

For experienced shooters reduced locktime can have a noticeable effect on their timing when shooting fast flying birds and clay targets. Improved barrel dynamics include a longer forcing cone and back-boring. These are combined with the most proven and popular choke tube system of all time — Invector Plus — set the Maxus apart from all others in pattern performance at each choke constriction.

meet the team maxus shotgun

There has never been a magazine plug system like the new 3-shot adapter TurnKey system on the Maxus. The new forearm attachment system is a breakthrough for fast takedown and easy cleaning.

Plus, it allows you to instantly attach or remove a sling from the forearm.

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It is the first thing you notice and will probably be the primary feature that sets the Maxus apart from all other guns on the rack. The first gun that could really be called a Maxus was a working prototype produced in September of It possessed the basic aesthetics, fit and overall design features of the current model. This prototype was shot on and off for nearly a month in grueling tests. Significant issues were resolved, but the design proved very robust, even at this stage of the process.

In January of a second working prototype was produced. Again the extended torture test went well. This test proved nearly flawless, with only a single small pin breaking. This was quickly remedied and the pin in question has never broken again in subsequent formal or informal testing.

meet the team maxus shotgun

At this time a total of 20 Maxus prototypes were authorized. All guns were then assembled at the Browning assembly facility in Portugal, and were ready for testing in July of This test proved the most valuable ever, because multiple parts were created for testing their interchangeability and variances in tolerances, in addition to just mechanical functionality. Another test of these same 20 guns was held in October of In March of the first Maxus shotguns were in the blinds on a spring snow goose hunt.

This was the first major field test and the first time others outside the company were exposed to the exceptional reliability and low recoil of the Maxus even with magnum waterfowl loads. In April several guns were on their way to a week of grueling dove shooting in Argentina. Both of these hunts were fully-documented for viewing by the Maxus team and eventually posted on the Web for potential customers to see.

Both hunts were very successful and the reliability of the Maxus after shooting thousands of rounds of the typically lower quality 1 oz. Each gun in Argentina went through approximately 4, shells without cleaning. • The making of the Maxus

In July ofanother extensive test took place at the Portugal assembly facility where fine-tuning of designs such as the hammer link and the forearm attachment lever were instituted. By September the guns were back in action all over the country for some final in-the-field testing by gun industry writers. A pheasant hunt in September where a dozen writers were invited to use and critique the Maxus was followed by a tough-conditions duck hunt in November which put the guns through ammunition extremes once again.

In October of the Maxus was introduced to the Browning sales teams at the annual sales meeting in Ogden, Utah. Sales reps and other were able to shoot samples and put them through their paces during unpredictable, windy, wet Utah weather at the Browning headquarters located near the town of Morgan, Utah. At the sales meeting the Maxus video was introduced to the sales force and is the same video that was shortly on YouTube and passed along via e-mail across the globe by Browning fans.