Prioritize work and meet deadlines

How to answer the question: 'How do you manage your time?'

prioritize work and meet deadlines

PRIORITIZING AND DEADLINES. By Bibi Goldstein. Knowing how to prioritize work and meet deadlines would be easy if everything had a built in hard deadline . Time management and prioritising is a topic that you are often asked about at an Are you going to be able to cope with different tasks with different deadlines. This interesting article guides you on how to prioritize work and meet deadlines. Topics include ranking your priorities, breaking down large tasks, handling.

'How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?' Tricky graduate interview question

Grab a pen and paper and list down the number of tasks that need to be done for the day. You can either give a number to every task or write them down in terms of their preference as well.

For example, number 1 means the most important task of them all and so on. Grouping As the name suggests, in this method you can group tasks or other requirements in a group representing different priority levels. Each group acts as a certain part or stage that stakeholders can relate to.

There are different ways to form groups. One of the ways is to define each group with critical, moderate, and optional priority levels so that you can group elements on their basis of priority. Make sure each group is distinctly categorized so that there is no confusion or overlapping of priorities. However, in reality, not many people use this technique due to its complex approach. However, feel free to try it out and be your own judge.

It was created by Brian Tracy — a bestseller author and famous public speaker. The technique takes into account that different items on your checklist can take the same priority level.

prioritize work and meet deadlines

In this method, you can do the following steps to prioritize tasks: It will decide their order in a way they are supposed to be done. For example, A1, A2, and so on.

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Named after the former U. S President Dwight D.

prioritize work and meet deadlines

Eisenhower, it is a 4-box system that helps you prioritize your tasks based on their urgency and importance. This way you can identify which tasks need to be done, delegated, or left undone.

Also known as the Urgent-Important matrix, it is a quick way to get everything in order and save your day. Bubble Sort technique To prioritize requirements using bubble Sort techniqueyou take two requirements and compare them with one another.

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Following steps would help you understand Bubble Sort technique: Outline the requirements in a vertical column. Every day, work on your finite backlog of outstanding single tasks.

Start with the tasks that you deem to be most urgent. Chip away at the list daily for as long as you want. With each passing day the backlog will be reduced. Within a few days you will have cleared it. From today, schedule any tasks for the following day unless they are genuinely same day urgent.

This will give you a finite list of tasks to do for the next day. Tomorrow, do those tasks. Based on all the factors at the moment of choice urgency, importance, time available, location, motivation, energy levels etc.

Do it, cross it off your list, then pick the next one.

prioritize work and meet deadlines

So, as a rule, single tasks get done the day after they appear. Doing this means you have a clear idea of the tasks you have to do on any given day. Recurring Tasks Do what suits you when it suits you. Some tasks will appear on a regular, even daily basis, such as email, paperwork etc. Should you bother listing these every day in your task diary? There is no hard and fast rule here.