Tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

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tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

updated a.m. EDT, Sun June 15, The moderator's chair on NBC's " Meet the Press" stood empty Sunday in remembrance of Tim Russert. In this photograph provided by “Meet the Press,” Luke Russert, son of father's on the set of “Meet the Press'” Sunday, June 15, , at the. June 15, / PM / 11 years ago Russert, the host of NBC's "Meet the Press," died on June 13, of a heart attack. REUTERS/Molly Skipper/Files.

tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

Russert testified previously, and again in United States v. Lewis Libbythat he would neither testify whether he spoke with Libby nor would he describe the conversation.

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Russert testified again in the trial on February 7, If I want to use anything from that conversation, then I will ask permission. Times wrote that, "Like former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, Russert was one of the high-level Washington journalists who came out of the Libby trial looking worse than shabby.

tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

All the litigation was for the sake of image and because the journalistic conventions required it. It's our best format.

Tim Russert

I don't think the public was, at that time, particularly receptive to hearing it," Russert says. Those in favor were so dominant. We don't make up the facts. We cover the facts as they were.

Tim Russert's death leaves two voids at NBC | Reuters

Folkenflik went on to write: Russert's remarks would suggest a form of journalism that does not raise the insolent question from outside polite political discourse—so, if an administration's political foes aren't making an opposing case, it's unlikely to get made.

In the words of one of my former editors, journalists can read the polls just like anybody else. My concern was, is that there were concerns expressed by other government officials.

And to this day, I wish my phone had rung, or I had access to them. In Octoberliberal commentators accused Russert of harassing Clinton over the issue of supporting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants. Russert held season tickets to both the Washington Nationals and the Washington Wizards [26] and was elected to the board of directors of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York in A lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills football team, Russert often closed Sunday broadcasts during the football season with a statement of encouragement for the franchise.

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The team released a statement on the day of his death, saying that listening to Russert's "Go Bills" exhortation was part of their Sunday morning game preparation. While his son was attending Boston Collegehe often ended Meet the Press with a mention of the success of various Boston College sports teams.

Russert's father Timothy Joseph Russert, "Big Russ", was a World War II veteran who held down two jobs after the war, emphasized the importance of maintaining strong family valuesthe reverence of faithand never taking a short cut to reach a goal. Russert claimed to have received over 60, letters from people in response to the book, detailing their own experiences with their fathers. Civil Rights leader Dr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy October 16, After this interview, then-Senator John F. Kennedy calls Meet the Press the nation's "fifty-first state. After the interview, Hoffa was furious about being asked whether his insistence on dealing only in cash and keeping few records gave the appearance of impropriety. The potential Senate candidate was coached by his older brother, President John F. On the day of the program, President Kennedy delayed his departure from Palm Beach in order to watch the show, but later told his brother that he was almost too nervous to watch.

tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

Ronald Reagan, making his first bid for public office, appears on "Meet the Press" with his Democratic opponent for the governorship of California, the incumbent Gov. Reagan appeared on "Meet the Press" seven times -- all before he was elected president.

tim russert meet the press june 15 2008

Kennedy makes his ninth -- and final -- appearance on "Meet the Press" with Lawrence E. Kennedy was assassinated in California less than 3 months later -- shortly after claiming victory in that state's Democratic presidential primary. He was 42 years old.