Comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

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comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

also pleaded guilty to an indictment returned December 4, , in the the Sinaloa Cartel called “Los Antrax” and a key lieutenant of Mayo. and the mission is to create a legend where Motorsport and Heavy Metal meet! N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN In December of , Wes Winship. National Meeting and Exposition March April 4, Register now to get the latest research, network with your peers and find job opportunities. Careers.

Such support can be crucial for films that require U. But support is not automatic. The script must first be approved, and emendations may be demanded by the national security agency in question. In a recent book on this subject National Security Cinema: But is this true?

Hollywood participants in the October, brainstorming exercise, who thought they were being tapped for their imagination, were conned. The latter had been practising steadily, in relevant scripted training operations, for years, and it had the power and resources to bring the imaginative scenarios to reality. Al-Qaeda was not remotely its match. Not Just Filmic, But Exclusively Filmic The violent destruction of the North Tower If this business of the filmic nature of the September 11 attacks involved only Hollywood scriptwriters we might be tempted to regard it as nothing but a minor distraction.

But what we find is that even members of the Fire Department of New York, risking their lives at the scene, were shocked by the filmic nature of what they witnessed. We ran out and we saw the second plane. It was like watching a movie. It looked like it was coming over. You could see the windows pop out just like in the picture, looked like a movie. I saw one floor of windows pop out, like poof, poof. I saw one and a half floors pop out. It tipped down first and then the thing fell within itself.

It was an amazing sight to see.

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It was really unbelievable. I thought I was watching a movie with special effects. My whole recollection is going back to a movie or something I saw.

I just saw this before. People were blessing themselves in this gloominess of going down. It was like out of a movie. It was like a movie set. As you look back, you see it engulf people.

Because I have never seen anything like that in 21 years of emergency work. It was just like that movie the day after with the atomic bomb.

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As we examine them closely we recognize that the September 11 event was not just filmic but exclusively filmic.

By this I mean that the narrative presented to us by authorities could not have unfolded outside of a film.

comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

Since at least as early aswhen the French film A Trip to the Moon Le Voyage dans la Lune took its viewers into space, audiences have been enjoying the ability of movies to deliver dramatic action through special effects, and especially by suspending, fictionally, the laws of physics.

This is part of the power of film and there is nothing inherently wrong with it. But it is important to know when we are in the theatre and when we are not. But imagine what would happen if audiences remained convinced by the suspension of the laws of physics after they left the theatre? This, it seems to me, is what has happened with the events of September 11, Many people are still deceived by the special effects.

Consider two of the most traumatizing elements in the attacks, the disappearance of the Twin Towers and the ensuing debris cloud. The destruction of the Twin Towers stunned first responders. Their previous experiences, including experiences with high-rise fires, did not lead them to suspect these buildings would come down.

comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

The explanations offered by official U. Behind the scenes the director had ordered that explosive charges be set in the buildings. Well over one hundred members of the Fire Department of New York witnessed explosions at the beginning of the so-called collapses of the Twin Towers.

The second deeply impressive event of September 11, which appears repeatedly in the FDNY musings about the filmic nature of what they witnessed, was the cloud of material that rushed through the streets of Manhattan in the wake of the destruction of each of the Towers.

Several films are mentioned by name in this connection, including those featuring Godzilla, King of Monsters, created for Japanese films less than ten years after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a deliberately provocative meditation on the forces of the nuclear age. Where it hit me from the front and the back, it actually lifted me off the ground and threw me.

comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

It was like someone picked me up and just threw me on the ground. All I saw was big bolts of fire, fire balls. I could feel the heat around me. My lungs, my airways, everything filled up with ash. We all turned around and it was dark now. In some situations, these investigations look more like prospective policymaking than retrospective enforcement action.

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Not only that, the firm recommended deferring the legal costs of such an investigation to their insurance companies. In their different ways both comments refer back to a heated argument among Jews about whether Zionism was a blessing or a blight.

Only one minister, Edwin Montagu, dissented. Notably, he was the only Jew in the British cabinet. The two facts were not unconnected. He was far from alone in that view. Of the 4 million Jews who left Europe between andonlywent to Palestine in line with Zionist expectations. As the Israeli novelist A B Yehoshua once noted: Jews were seen as a race apart, one that could not — or should not — be allowed to assimilate.

Better, on this view, to encourage their emigration from Europe. For British elites, the Balfour Declaration was a means to achieve that end. Theodor Herzl, the father of political Zionism, understood this trenchant anti-Semitism very well. His idea for a Jewish state was inspired in part by the infamous Dreyfus affair, in which a Jewish French army officer was framed by his commanders for treason.

Herzl was convinced that anti-Semitism would always exclude Jews from true acceptance in Europe. Herzl and other early Zionists implicitly accepted the ugly framework of European bigotry. Jews, Herzl concluded, must embrace their otherness and regard themselves as a separate race. Once they found a benefactor to give them a territory — soon Britain would oblige with Palestine — they could emulate the other European peoples from afar.

For a while, some Nazi leaders were sympathetic. Israel and its supporters would prefer we forget that, before the rise of the Nazis, most Jews deeply opposed a future in which they were consigned to Palestine. Those who try to remind us of this forgotten history are likely to be denounced, like Livingstone, as anti-Semites.

They are accused of making a simplistic comparison between Zionism and Nazism. But there is good reason to examine this uncomfortable period. Modern Israeli politicians, including Benjamin Netanyahu, still regularly declare that Jews have only one home — in Israel.

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After every terror attack in Europe, they urge Jews to hurry to Israel, telling them they can never be safe where they are. It also alerts us to the fact that even today the Zionist movement cannot help but mirror many of the flaws of those now-discredited European ethnic nationalisms, as Gen Golan appears to appreciate.

Such characteristics — all too apparent in Israel — include: And why it seems incapable of extending a hand of peace to the Palestinians. Settling for Hillary Clinton means abandoning the political revolution that Bernie Sanders has inspired. It means unconditional surrender after overcoming many obstacles in a rigged primary. The West Virginia primary on Tuesday illustrates why. After his victory there, Sanders wrote: If Sanders does not remain in the race until the end, he will very likely be helping the Republican candidate.

In fact, we will explain why the best way to prevent Trump from taking the Oval Office would be for Sanders to run on a ticket with Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate.

But because that platform is unenforceable, it will have little value and is belied by the reality that the Democrats serve big business. Clinton has a long history of representing Wall Street, Wal-Mart, weapons makers and insurance companies.

comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

She is in many ways the opposite of Bernie Sanders. The global 1 percent will be relieved if, when the revolution ends, they are still in charge and the oligarchy lives on. The Corrupt and Unfair Democratic Primaries Sanders was an independent for more than three decades until joining the Democratic Party last year, and he knew going into the primaries that he would be fighting establishment Democrats who are closely tied to everything he opposes.

This year, that anti-insurgent system also included a plan to have a limited number of debates and independent and third-party candidates are blocked from participating in them.

Clinton gave in to pressure for more debates when she thought it was in her interest. Ironically, in each of those face-offs, Sanders at least argued Clinton to a draw, and many saw him as the victor.

comunicado de los anthrax 2015 meet

Thus, the debates did not stop his revolution; in many ways, they grew it. This strategy usually destroys insurgents because they do not have the money to compete with well-funded, big-business establishment candidates. The Sanders revolt overcame that obstacle by raising millions in small donations. More than 6 million people were deprived of such a vote in New York and Florida alone.

Such an in-the-face conflict of interest shows audacious hubris, and the Democrats clearly thought that they could get away with anything to nominate Clinton. In AugustClinton set up an agreement with 33 state Democratic parties for a joint fundraising agreement with the Hillary Victory Fund.

This was before the first primary in a contested nomination.

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Throughout the primary process, there have been voting irregularities. There are too many to review in this article, but they involved the erasing of voter registrations, an insufficient number of polling places, polls that opened late, and so on. In New York and Arizona where some of the worst problems were reported, investigations are ongoing.

Now, Sanders is heading into a Democratic Convention that is rigged against him, and he has more than enough reason to reconsider his previous plan to endorse Hillary Clinton.

The election is historically unique and presents a perfect storm for an independent candidate.