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meet czech design

Meet Czech Design: Roztočte kola designu. Share on Facebook Pin on Pinterest Email to someone Tweet about this on Twitter. MCD_den1_ Meet Czech Design. / | Aktualizováno: / ( This article expired ). MEET CZECH DESIGN-Press Kit - CzechTourism has interconnected Zlín,Nový Bor,Brno,Mladá Boleslav and Prague in a series of design events, MEET.

meet czech design

The winner of the main prize will receive CZK 50, It will also include a big fashion show featuring the works of the students of the Clothes and Shoe Studio of the Faculty of Multimedia Communication of Tomas Bata University and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, as well as the screening of animated films. When the official ceremony finishes, an exhibition of the contest works and a big after party will begin.

meet czech design

MIXER Festival This year, a multi-genre festival MIXER will take place for the ninth time, with visitors invited to lectures and workshops from the worlds of design, architecture, graphic design, film, photography, and music. This year's main topic is Extreme Reality.

This should mainly be reflected in the accompanying programme, which will feature extreme sports and a tattoo marathon, among others.

Czech Republic - Meet Czech Design

All these lectures and discussions will be held at different locations within the Bata Institute. However, the festival's activities will also be held in other places: Thanks to the JUDr. It is also good to know that admission is free.

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While, at the fashion show, lovers of contemporary fashion design will only be able to look at the models shown, they will get the chance to buy something during a fair of contemporary fashion design, FLER.

More than fifty retailers from the renowned Fler.

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In doing so, CzechTourism wants to increase the attractiveness of the Czech Republic in the eyes of the lovers of modern lifestyles. It is certainly not only because of the magic of the word itself. We are a part of it, and we also create it. Each of these towns and cities has something to say on the history and the present of Czech design. All of the towns and cities will offer abundant programmes; they will take visitors via special design paths to exhibitions and galleries; they will organize tours, lectures from renowned Czech and world-famous designers, performances, and other events.

The festival in the town of shoes bears a telling name — Shoes That Conquer the World.

meet czech design

From 1 to 3 May, shoe design will not be the only subject on offer. Fashion and fashion accessories will be presented during Shooting Fashion Stars, fashion shows, and Fler Design Market.

MEET CZECH DESIGN – Mozaika grafického designu (Brno)

As regards future creators of contemporary design, the announcement of the results of a prestigious international contest, Design Talent, will be important. Visitors will certainly be interested in a multi-genre festival MIXER, which will offer lectures and workshops from the worlds of design, architecture, graphic design, film, photography, and music and will, as part of its accompanying programme, offer attractive extreme sports and a tattoo marathon.

Anyone who knows the Mecca of Czech glass will not be surprised by the festival being presented under the title of 'A Secret Behind a Glass Curtain'.

meet czech design

The traditional Glass-Making Festival will help visitors to uncover the secret.