Nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

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nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

In the NATO Tiger Meet will be organised at Poznan in Poland. Click here for reports of previous tours to a Tiger Meet in , , , , This year's NATO Tiger Meet was held at Konya Air Base, Turkey. Frank Togher reports for Flightline UK. All Photography by the author. The choice of Turkey as. the dawn of the year This major states of Nato and their partners also - opening the Nato Tiger Meet In Please find the official facebook page.

nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

E-mails and Facebook messages both private and public were largely ignored, however those that did manage to coerce a response from them received quite unprofessional and aggressive e-mails, almost as if their concerns had caused offence.

In the end, the final tickets to the event were not issued until just 48 hours before the gates opened which, when you factor in that enthusiasts were travelling thousands of miles to Poznan, is completely unacceptable. We also understand that some never received their ticket and attended the event on the off chance they had been accepted - to find a ticket waiting for them.

As has been proven time and time again by the Tiger Association, it is not rocket science to get this right. Fast forward to the morning of the spotters day and, thanks to the weather forecast, spirits were high. The joining instructions advised that transport would be provided from a local shopping centre car park where tickets would be issued and security checks undertaken - with a note that the first bus would leave for the base at 7am sharp.

As 7am began the queue was quite large but no-one was worried and waited patiently.

nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

As frustrations grew, people wondered if they would ever be allowed on the base. Chaos then continued to reign as the process was slow and, for reasons completely unknown to us, the Polish began issuing the wrong tickets to people even though everything was named and numbered.

After arriving in the car park at 6: At this point we were supposed to be issued with our ticket and go through security before entering the bus. In fact, not a single bag or ticket was checked by the Polish Air Force or their hired help, either in the car park or at the base. It goes without saying that in the current climate obtaining access to a military facility made the event an obvious target, a very easy target as it would have turned out.

Arriving at the base itself we were greeted by an enclosure facing directly in to the sun opposite the dispersals which were the other side of the raised runway and approximately metres away from the closest edge.

NATO Tiger Meet Mont-de-Marsan - FighterControl

Whilst it was clear that the sun was always going to be a challenge from this location, it was galling to see such a massive expanse of grass remaining unused next to the taxiway and main dispersals on the other side of the runway. Images were limited to runway shots of arrivals and departures plus shots of aircraft entering the runway with their wheels cut off only - at distance. One would have thought that was the end of the issues with this event but as more attendees arrived at the airfield it soon became apparent the enclosure was unnecessarily small, resulting in a scrum for the best spots which were 3 to 4 people deep, made worse by those that believe it is perfectly fine to stand at the front of a crowd line with a pair of stepladders, blocking photography for anyone unlucky enough not to get a front row position.

nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

The only nation this year not to apply a scheme to at least one aircraft were the Hungarians, however, that did not mean that the visitors got to see all the assembled special schemes. During the period that spotters were on base neither the French Marine Rafale M from 11F or the hosts' tiger schemed FC made an appearance. The former did fly in the afternoon once everyone had departed, only to be photographed by the lucky few that risked spotting on the base perimeter after the event had finished.

The Facebook-Atlantic Council alliance reportedly springs from the social media giant's finding itself desperate for outside "neutral" help after a swell of public criticism, mostly issuing from congressional leaders and prominent media pundits, for supposedly allowing Russian propaganda accounts to operate ahead of the elections.

Deutch Air Force Tornado ECR 51th FB - (IMMELMANN)

The suspiciously simultaneous censorship of Infowars by Google, Apple, Facebook came just one week after U. Senate intelligence committee hawk Mark Warner D circulated this policy paper threatening new regulation against those same media companies: Since at least May when the relationship was first announcedthe DFR Lab has been key to this process of verifying what constitutes foreign interference or nefarious state propaganda.

Arctic Tigers Awake: World class training a success at NATO Tiger Meet

But here's the kicker. Reuters writes of the DFR Lab's funding in the following: Facebook employees said privately over the past several months that Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg wants to outsource many of the most sensitive political decisions, leaving fact-checking to media groups and geopolitics to think tanks.

nato tiger meet 2012 facebook

Facebook has defended the process as part of ensuring that it remains politically neutral, yet clearly the Atlantic Council itself is hardly neutral, as a quick perusal of its top donors indicates.

The Atlantic Council has frequently called for things like increased military engagement in Syria, militarily confronting the "Russian threat" in Eastern Europeand now is advocating for Ukraine and Georgia to be allowed entry into NATO while calling for general territorial expansion of the Western military alliance.

Bush, to name but a few actions of the think tank that has been given authorization to flag citizens' Facebook pages for possible foreign influence and propaganda.

nato tiger meet 2012 facebook