Spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet

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spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet

Might Have Workers swap meet in Spring Valley, San Diego County, CA to be a swap meet vendor what entity do I put on a sellers permit application? How i get eyebrow threading license in massachusetts?? i'm renting a room form a. Purchase of a Seller's License (the “License”) offered by Kobey's Swap Meet as a condition of entering the Swap Meet, information regarding Seller's name. Spring Valley Swap Meet - Spring Valley Swap Meet Quarry Rd, Spring Valley, California - Rated based on Reviews "This review is from. Info and Ads . The end of the spectacular Firework show here at the Swapmeet.

The second way to upgrade your space is through our lottery system.

spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet

The Auction is a different process than the lottery. DO NOT forget to list all items and their corresponding serial numbers. We have separate lanes for reserved and unreserved Sellers.

When entering the grounds please follow the direction of the parking attendants. Both of these lines are formed by our parking attendants as you enter the Swap Meet grounds from Sports Arena Blvd.

spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet

This is a single line. Friday through the front and back gate. Vehicles must be in their space or unloaded and out of the swap meet by 6: Reserved Spaces are only reserved until 7: Vehicles parked inside the swap meet are not permitted to exit until approximately 3: Failure to clear the aisle way on time will result in the loss of further selling privileges.

spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet

The amount of available tickets will determine how many vendors are permitted to enter the Swap Meet. Any vendor showing up after 6: Available equipment includes tables, chairs, canopies, strollers, wagons, etc.

Seller's Permit

A complete list of equipment and rental fees is available. Presentation of valid identification i. The County Health Department is located at: Any vehicles must be out of the Swap Meet walkways and aisles by 6: The speed limit inside the Swap Meet is 3 M. Seller must vacate the Premises each day at 4: Excessive noises such as stereos, radios, televisions, generators, shouting, or amplified voices will not be allowed if such noises disturb other sellers or shoppers.

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Bike riding, roller skating, or skateboarding is prohibited inside the Swap Meet. Pets are allowed in the Swap Meet. Owner is responsible for animal. Pet must be leashed at all times and must be under the control of the owner at all times. Seller must conform to all applicable County of San Diego Health regulations, and all other laws governing the sale of animals.

Seller should be aware of the following California and Federal Statues:

spring valley swap meet vendor information sheet