Relationship between cain and grendel

Beowulf - The Story of Cain

relationship between cain and grendel

The Relationship God, of course, knew Cain had killed his brother. Grendel is said to be a descendant of Cain, because he is an evil. How does Wealtheow, Hrothgar's wife, avert a serious problem between Beowulf and her own sons? As a descendant of Cain, Grendel is similarly cut off from humanity. This is why What is the difference between a possessive noun. Biblical Allusion: Beowulf's Grendel in relation to Cain. The Old English epic Beowulf is the earliest recorded poem in Old English. The epic is set in Scandinavia.

The crux here is the fact that Cain committed the first true abomination by slaughtering his brother, which one would assume is far worse than killing a stranger.

relationship between cain and grendel

Grendel, much like Cain in his brutishness, is to be understood as a wretched creation. In the same breath, however, it should be noted that Grendel still seems less like a literal descendant of Cain, and more like a demonic figure of lore.

Really, this is just a lovely picture. I can only imagine the family photos. Grendel, conversely, seems to kill arbitrarily or simply for the fun of it. In the ancient culture presented in Beowulf, murder is really a non-issue.


Everybody murders everybody for something. What truly makes Grendel monstrous is, again, the fact that he just murders for the enjoyment of it. In this light, one could see Grendel as more of a human with some very serious blood lust. As a side note to main point, some scholars believe that Beowulf himself is the representation of several Biblical characters, including David and Jesus Christ.

relationship between cain and grendel

The representation of Christ could very easily be set aside, given Beowulf seeks only worldly pleasures and Christ does not. However, David has an entire book devoted almost exclusively to his seeking of worldly pleasures.

This child's name is Cain. Some time later, she gives birth to another son, Abel, who, unlike Cain, is very genuine, selfless and who can never think of hurting someone, let alone murdering him.

When the two children grow up, Cain is a farmer, and Abel is a shepherd.

Biblical Allusion: Beowulf’s Grendel in relation to Cain | Biblically Blogging

They are both asked by their parents to give offerings to the Lord whenever possible, but only without any expectation or selfish desire in return. It is not possible for Cain to be so selfless and kind. One day, Cain brings some of his leftover harvest as an offering to the Lord, whereas Abel brings one of his first lambs born to his sheep, kills it, and gives it to the Lord as a sacrificial offering. The Lord is very much pleased with Abel and rejects Cain's offerings, since the Lord knows that Cain is giving his offerings, but with selfish motives.

Cain then becomes extremely angry with Abel and shows his discontentment. The Lord then asks Cain why he is frowning.

relationship between cain and grendel

He says to Cain that if Cain had done the correct thing, he would be happy and smiling, but since his conscience is impure, he is unhappy. While they are out in the field, Cain murders his one and only brother. The Lord asks Cain where Abel is, and Cain lies, claiming he does not know.

Biblical Allusion: Beowulf’s Grendel in relation to Cain

The Lord knows he is lying and places a curse on him. This curse prohibits him from growing any more crops on his land.

If Cain does attempt to grow crops, nothing will come to harvest. In my opinion, the Lord is not harsh enough because He puts a mark on Cain's forehead as a protection from death. No person can kill him.