5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

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5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

I'll end each game's section by summarizing our review of the game. Some of this Jeremy Fitzgerald: The protagonist of Five Nights At Freddy's 2 ($). He works the .. What is his relationship with the sad child? While it. 'Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location' theories are all over the Internet 'Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location' - Five Theories To Solve Game's Story, Endings 2) The Immortal And The Restless: After each of Sister Location's Afton's relationship with his wife following the death of his daughter. Though starting off small, the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise has greatly expanded its list of characters. Shame that nearly all of them are trying to kill you, .

When they finally catch you they scream at the top of their lungs showing a deranged and maniacal face. The Man Behind the Man: The Puppet and Springtrap, indirectly.

All of the animatronics have these, but Chica's is the most visible, and that's not even counting how much of it can be seen in the sequel since her deterioration, making Chica look like something out of Alien. Oh well sure, Fazbear Fright found their suits, and maybe an animatronic arm or two.

But there's still the question of where most of their endoskeleton bodies went Nice Character, Mean Actor: Although they might not mean to be homicidal, they might just think they're helping you. While they are frightening and aggressive, they're never portrayed as true evil. Either they genuinely believe you're a naked endoskeleton who needs to be stuffed in a suit not realizing this can kill you or they think you're the murderer who caused their death when they were children.

The Night Guards are barely characters to begin with it's really them who are the "stars of the show", but since they are Antagonists trying to kill you, you never get to see anything from their perspective. Averted in the second game where you briefly get to see a cutscene from Freddy's perspective. Interestingly, before Sister Location the only way we could learn from their perspective are the Minigames in which you can control a few of them.

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In the second game, the original four animatronics were scrapped in favor of the "Toy" designs. However, Bonnie got hit with this hard, because his face save for his lower jaw is removed, he's missing his left arm with only wires taking its place, and his left foot and right hand are left completely bare.

Despite all this, however, the "scrapped" ones can turn themselves on at night, and they're even more dangerous. The minigames in 2 star Freddy, Foxy, and the Puppet, while almost all of the animatronics are playable in 3's minigames, the original four in the night-end games and one of the dead kids after night five, possibly the one that haunted Golden Freddy and the toy generation in the mid-night games, with Golden Freddy instead of Toy Freddy and Shadow Bonnie instead of Toy Bonnie.

Springtrap is the only main animatronic that is not a protagonist of any minigame, with good reason. Five Nights at Freddy's World promotes every single animatronic to playable, as you can set up a party consisting of almost any character in the series.

This not only includes all of the animatronics seen in the "Thank You! The game even includes never-before-seen animatronics such as Spring-Bonnie — that is, Springtrap before everything went to hell — and a non-mangled version of Mangle. Shoo Out the Clowns: The Murderer is obliquely mentioned in the first game; in FNAF 2's death games, he can occasionally be spotted parked outside the restaurant or leering at Foxy he may attack Freddy, but this is uncommon ; in FNAF 3's restaurant minigame, he systematically hunts down the original Fazbear mascots and disassembles them, leaving each in pieces for the next one to discover.

This is fitting since the mascots represent the children he nabbed in the restaurant, and the murderer himself later becomes Springtrap. The only 'working' animatronic left in FNAF 3 is Springtrap, and the oldies are left floating around as charred but essentially harmless ghosts.

The only animatronics who get voices are Balloon Boy who will occasionally say "Hello? The others either laugh, make disgusting noises usually akin to vomitingor scream when they kill you. Tropes Are Not Badthough, as it gives us character development in the process. All of them except Freddy, although he's named Freddy Fazbear. Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: For being a gaggle of animatronics built solely to entertain children at restaurants back in the seventies or eighties, these things are far, far, far stronger, quicker, and smarter than they have any right to ever be.

To the point of possible sentience. Sympathy for the Devil: Why yes, they are murderous animatronics out for your blood Springtrap and the Nightmares don't have this, however, since Springtrap is possessed by said child murderer, and the Nightmares are nothing more than hallucinations. Or rather, the soul; it's subtle, but it seems that the souls inside the various suits are constricted by the A.

For example, turning the difficulty down to 1 in Custom Night mode makes them less aggressive, flashing Foxy resets him, and playing a sound-clip of Balloon Boy near Springtrap makes him walk towards it though it may help due to that particular soul being one of a child murderer's If the suggestions that they're possessed by the murdered children are indeed what the creator meant about them being "haunted".

And it is, with even the Puppet itself appearing to have been a suffering child. All this time, the children had been trying for decades to stop their murderer, only succeeding after the restaurant closed, and were unable to move on for a long time afterwards. However, no such distinction can be given for Springtrap, who is their murderer, and the Nightmares and Circus Baby animatronics, all of whom are doing what they do more or less out of pure malevolence.

Lefty certainly serves this role, both timeline and game order wise. They're likened to moving corpses. On later nights, when they close in on your booth, their heads start twitching and jerking spasmodically in true J-Horror style. While this is a common trope concerning Suck E. Cheese'sthese robots take it one step further. The intent of the wandering Fazbear robots apart from Springtrap is to cram unwary security guards into the endoskeletons undergoing repair, essentially creating more of themselves.

On a more comedic note, Purple Guy accomplished this feat on himself without anyone's help at all. The death minigames imply that the animatronics' malice against adults, in particular the night guards, may have been born from their desire to protect children, especially after the murders. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Once their origins are revealed, they become this. A group of children were simply visiting their favorite restaurant, only to fall victim to an Ax-Crazy Serial Killerand they were only trying to stop him.

The problem is they go too far.

5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Children mean everything to these guys, and they will resort to any means to protect them from potential threats. Following the corruption of their facial recognition software, they became murderous Knight Templars.

As of Sister Location, however, one of them was forced to make an exception, and another 's programming may or may not have forced her to kill William Afton's daughter. The Twisted Ones Animatronics that only exist in the book series, they are actually otherwise normal animatronics When activated, this device releases a sound that is usually too high-pitched for the conscious mind to perceive; this sound messes with the audience's brains, making them fully see the robot as what they believe them to be.

So to a normal person, Freddy the robot bear would simply be Freddy the anthropomorphic bear. However, to anyone that's afraid of these robots, they instead become the stuff of nightmares. Constantly emit one, which explains their appearance; once it's turned off, they go back to being normal animatronics.

It should be noted that the note in question isn't inherently malicious, but simply amplifies the person's natural disposition and perception of the object in question; i. There are hints in 6 that they might be part of the game's universe as well. Unfortunately for them, they chose the wrong place to night watch.

With only the tools at hand, some nerves of steel, and a strange persistent to come back every night, these night guards have to survive five nights at minimum to get their paycheck. Since The Child and Charlotte are so different from the night-guards, they aren't included in this folder.

If you play it right, the guards, with no weapons and having only equipment of limited help, can survive up to seven nights straight against a bunch of homicidal robots who get increasingly fast, smart, and cranky as the week progresses.

Because the playable characters are Featureless Protagonists with no distinctive personality, players have interpreted them as either themselves, famous Let's Players such as Markiplieror popular fan interpretations such as Rebornica's. They're normal guys up against a bunch of murderous, haunted robots, and their only lines of defense are the security cameras and either blast doors, a mask and a flashlight, and audio cues and the ability to remotely seal vents. With a sufficiently skilled gamer, each of them can still survive.

Subverted following The Reveal in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, that all of the guards were likely Michael Afton, who was undead at least post-Sister Location and determined to stop his father and let his victims move on, no matter what. Bring My Brown Pants: Both Mike's and Fritz's pink slip list "Odor" as a reason for being fired.

While it could be explained away as natural body odor due to sweat, it's more than likely referencing the now-soiled pants of the Fazbear Security Uniform.

Following a Cerebus Retconthe true reason is likely that they're both the rotting corpse of Michael Afton. Despite the terrifying conditions, Mike, Jeremy, and the Fright Guard all continue working at their jobs as long as they can. Fritz only gets one night before getting fired, so it's unknown whether he would've done the same or whether Freddy's just fired him before he could quit.

Don't Touch It, You Idiot!

Nearly all of them have tinkered with the animatronic's AI, making them more active and aggressive than ever before. Usually, what we know about them is just their names. Everything else, though, is left to the player's imagination. As can be seen by their entries, fans take little things from the games and run with them to spin richer characterizations for each. Five Nights has a rather intriguing plot involving child murders, missing bodies, haunted animatronics, and a killer who may or may not still be on the loose.

As the nightwatch security guard, you have absolutely no investment or involvement in this plot, and at most you can just discover what happened, not resolve it. However, this is averted for Eggs Benedict, who actually has an ulterior motive for going to Circus Baby's.

If he's all of the other protagonists, then he's been going from location to location trying to undo his father's legacy all along. They don't really say much. Even when murderous animatronics are screaming in their faces. In the first 3 games, all of them are completely bound to their chairs.

Averted for Sister Location until the secret ending of night 5. Implied; if the theories are true about our brave night guards going to hell and back just to get paid, then they've all redefined the meaning of pure desperation. Each of the first three have one that references their role in the story; however, the one in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 doesn't get named due to their workplace burning down before they get paid, and, initially, the same can be said for Sister Location's Eggs Benedict.

It is revealed at the very end of the story, however: Protagonist Without a Past: None of the protagonists have any backstory, which makes it harder to guess why any of them keep coming back to their job. A distinction that sets them apart from other survival horror protagonists. While many other games involve finding a way to get away from the crazy place or thingall the night guards already have this choice; nothing is forcing them to be there, and they can quit at any time.

They only keep coming back in order to get paid by the end of the week. Through the Eyes of Madness: The guards have a tendency to have "hallucinations," which may actually be hallucinations possibly caused by the air in the workplace or lack of sleepbut are quite likely to be supernatural in origin. If it's true that the night guards are all Michael Afton in disguise, maybe the hallucination comes from the fact he's technically dead and is struggling to stay sane in the living world.

Too Dumb to Live: Okay, the first night can be passed off due to ignorance of how dangerous the job really is Killer animatronics?

However, coming back to Freddy Fazbear's after a first-hand experience lands most of them smack-dab into Darwin Award territory. You can use the following measures to defend against the animatronics: The camera system makes a return, allowing you to view the many rooms of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, one at a time.

You can pull up the camera by pulling your mouse cursor down and to the right side of the screen. By hitting the Ctrl button you can activate a flashlight at your desk. This will shine down the hallway in front of the desk and let you see what's waiting in the darkness.

The Animatronics

You can also use this button to activate lights while on the cameras and view what's in the other rooms of the pizzeria. There are vents on the left and right sides of your desk.

Above each one is a light that will allow you to view whatever's inside. You can hear the animatronics clunking around inside the vents, so be sure to check these lights whenever you think the animatronics might be peering out at you. In order to trick the animatronics you can pretend to be one of them by donning a Freddy Fazbear Head. Lower your cursor to the bottom-left side of the screen to don the mask. Wearing the mask will trick most of the animatronics The main thing returning players need to bear in mind is that the majority of lights in the game have unlimited power.

You can flash the vent and camera lights as much as you like - so long as you don't use the flashlight too much. There's a battery gauge in the top-left corner of the screen which indicates the amount of juice left in your flashlight, and if it runs out you'll be staring blindly at the black in front of your desk. So that's the good news.

What are you struggling against? The Animatronics As mentioned above, there are eleven animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, though only ten of them what a relief will bother you on the game's normal nights.

The animatronics come at you from multiple angles, and each has a specific set of tactics. Understanding these tactics is vital to your long-term survival. Toy Bonnie peers out of the right vent. He's such a cheery champ. Toy Bonnie A cheery blue bunny with a big bowtie and a vacant smile. Likely the first animatronic you'll see on the first night, Toy Bonnie is a persistent - but fairly predictable - threat.

Starting in the same room as the other Toy animatronics on the Show Stage Cam 09Bonnie moves primarily through the vents, appearing in the right vent after a fair amount of clunking. Once you see his face in the vent, pull down the Freddy Fazbear Head immediately. Toy Bonnie's face will then sliiiiiiide past the eye holes, and once his circuit is done, he's gone. Toy Bonnie is very active early on, though he gets progressively less important as the game goes on.

He's a minor threat overall. Toy Chica peers out of the left vent.

5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

Creepy bird be creepy. Toy Chica A cheery chicken who can't keep her beak in place. Toy Chica is very similar to Toy Bonnie in her attack, though she appears in the left vent rather than the right. Pull that head on the moment you see her or you're in trouble. Not much else to say, really, as Toy Chica is a bit of a pushover as far as avoidance is concerned - and she doesn't slide past your head's eye holes like Toy Bonnie, to boot.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Walkthrough

Don't expect to see her much after the first two days. Toy Freddy gives you a faceful. Such smooth skin he has. Toy Freddy A roly-poly plastic bear that wears a top hat. The leader of the Toy gang, Toy Freddy is closer in mannerisms to the original bunch of animatronics.

Eschewing the vents entirely, Toy Freddy will approach you from the main hallway, appearing first at a distance, then steadily getting closer. Shining the flashlight at him will not dissuade the big bear, but unless he gets close basically looking as though he's about the step into the office you can pretty much ignore him.

Once he does get that close, don your Freddy Fazbear Head for several seconds to send him packing. Toy Freddy appears often on the first two nights, then more or less disappears until the fifth.

Foxy lunges at the camera. Foxy A ragged, vulpine mangler who likes the halls. Foxy is the first of the original bunch of animatronics to appear in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, showing up in the hallway from the second night onwards and largely replacing Toy Chica as its occupant. Foxy is a constant fixture of the hallway in front of your desk, and you need to flash your light at him whenever you see him to prevent him from approaching. Fail to do so and he'll get closer Foxy is not fooled by the Freddy Fazbear Head, and putting it on will not save you.

Flash that light like there's no tomorrow. Aaaaand the Mangle does likewise. Foxes are unfriendly beasts in Five Nights at Freddy's. The Mangle A cheeky fox that has seen much better days.

Basically Toy Foxy, the Mangle is a heap of animatronic bits that likes to hang out on the ceilings, and is usually first spotted at the Prize Corner Cam 11 when it's active.

The Mangle will typically appear in the hallways at varying distances, but it is only dangerous when it appears in the vent to your right. Once it does you must put the Freddy Fazbear Head on. Fail to do so - or do so too slowly - and it will hang over your desk for the rest of the night.

Its attack will come randomly from that point on, meaning you may be able to survive the rest of the night The Mangle emits a high-pitch static sound whenever viewed on the camera, and will do so when it's in the vent next to you, so make sure to shove the head on whenever you start to hear static and you're not looking at the cameras.

Balloon Boy is in the office. You will come to hate this child more than any other animatronic. Balloon Boy A small, cheery boy with balloons and a sign. Balloon Boy is the only animatronic who cannot kill you, and his appearance in the office will not result in a jump scare.

That said, the Balloon Boy basically kills you, since his appearance in the office will render your flashlight and vent lights inoperable for the rest of the night.

You can shove the Freddy Fazbear Head on and try to ride out the remainder of the night, but the chances are pretty good at this point that Foxy will be gunning for your hide. Balloon Boy appears in the left vent, heralded by childish laughing and greetings, and the moment you see him you need to put the head on. You're probably done for. Bonnie hulks over the desk. If you see this screen without putting on the Freddy Fazbear Head, you're probably dead already.

Bonnie A purple rabbit that used to have a face. Bonnie isn't looking so hot these days, but he's as dangerous as ever. The hulking rabbit will approach your desk from the hallway, and once he's nice and close he'll typically appear abruptly in front of you while you're using the camera. You must immediately don the Freddy Fazbear Head to avoid being killed, and when I say that I mean immediately. You have maybe a second and a half to do it.

Fail and he'll get you a few seconds later. Bonnie's appearance marks a more difficult section of the game, forcing you to swap into the head virtually every time you finish with the cameras. Chica moves in for the kill. Chica A massive, unfriendly-lookin' bird.

Chica is as disturbing as the animatronics get, and she'll start to dominate the lineups from the third night onward.

5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

Like Bonnie, Chica comes at you from the front - but you will seldom see her before she pops up in front of your desk. Don the Freddy Fazbear Head within a second or you're toast. Once you get the hang of swapping between cameras and head, Chica and Bonnie are virtually identical to one another in terms of attacking. Freddy leans in for a hug. Freddy A big, fluffy, degrading bear.

The mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Freddy is the same as Bonnie and Chica in that he'll appear abruptly in front of the desk, forcing you to don the Freddy Fazbear Head immediately to avoid his wrath.

Five Nights at Freddy's 6 All Endings FNAF 1 2 3 4 5

That said, he also appears at the entrance of the office, and his posture is close and intimidating enough that it's tempting to throw on the head right then and there. Don't do so until he's right in front of you. Freddy doesn't attack until he's a few paces away from throttling you, and any other gestures to fend him off will just be a waste of time. Fortunately, Freddy doesn't seem to come out as often as the other animatronics, so you'll face him less often. Keep this music box wound at all times or bad things will happen.

The Puppet A spindly, marionette-esque animatronic with a mask for a face. The Puppet is your greatest and most consistent nemesis in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, as it will bother you from the moment you set foot in the pizzeria. On the first day you're told by the Phone Guy to constantly wind a music box in the Prize Corner Cam 11and to keep it wound at all times.

He hints that it may keep all of the animatronics busy, but in truth it will only keep the Puppet out of your hair.

5 nights at freddys 2 gameplay ending a relationship

If at any point the music box stops playing music - and you can tell when it's winding down, thanks to a warning sign in the bottom-right corner of the screen - the Puppet will emerge from a nearby prize box and begin moving towards the office. You can't stop it at this point, and the Freddy Fazbear Head will not trick it. All you can do is pray that it does not reach you before the night ends, which it probably almost certainly will. Always wind the music box. And we still don't really know what this thing is.

Golden Freddy A dumpy bear costume of questionable origin. Though not a threat during the first five nights, Golden Freddy will begin to pop up on the sixth night whenever you pull the monitor up, either appearing in the hallway or in front of you in the office. Whenever the suit appears, regardless of where it is, you must immediately put the Freddy Fazbear Head on. You have about as much time as you would with any of the other old animatronics. Fail, and, well, you get the idea.

As you might expect, each progressive night is more difficult than the last, with more animatronics to fend off, less battery power for your flashlight, and a music box that expires more quickly. You'll need some ridiculous reflexes to make it all the way to the end of the fifth night Night 1 Though the first night is still fairly easy, it's not nearly as easy as the first night from the original Five Nights at Freddy's. There's a very real risk of dying if you aren't careful.

You have two tasks on this night: The hallway is no great concern as of yet, as Foxy doesn't become terribly active on this night. Listen to the phone call, check your vents periodically, don the Freddy Fazbear Head if you see any animatronics staring back at you, and wind the music box whenever you have a free moment. The music box degrades so slowly on this night you won't even really have to worry about it until the Phone Guy mentions it that it's not a huge issue.

Night 2 Night 2 is a decent bit more stressful than Night 1.