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"Berkana" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Runes, Witch craft and Magick. Berkana Rune by UI Viking (Alex Borisson) .. Relationship Quotes o:). 20 Rune Tattoos For Women Using The Viking Elder Futhark That Have Deep Meanings. Rachelle Funny memes There are Two types of girls on Halloween. It is a rune of relationship, partnering and the ability to communicate without words. Odin's transcendent horse, the mighty Sleipnir, carried him between the.

  • The Meaning of the Rune "Berkana "

There is a suggestion that a new project or a new way of thinking will bring you happiness. A good rune to foretell a birth, be it of a child or a new way of life. Reversed - family problems, relationships problems or worries regarding somebody close to you. Ehwaz The rune of transportation. This can involve a change for the better, be it home, a change in life direction or a positive journey or undertaking. Change will be solid but not instant. Think gradual and steady for the big payoff.

Reversed - There is a need for change, perhaps borne from frustration. Do not allow yourself to stultify, take steps forward. Mannaz The rune of perspective. This rune tells us the importance of understanding our place in the grand scheme of things. This rune confirms that you will receive help, advice and support from those close to you. Pretty much the opposite of the face up meaning. Lay the runes face down in the above order. In this reading, you interpret two runes together for a combined meaning: Turn over the 1st and 2nd runes.

The Meaning of the Rune "Berkana " - What does it symbolize? -

These two combined form the issue or problem. Then flip over the 3rd and 4th runes. The combinations of these two runes represent the factors of your past that have influence in your present situation.

The 5th and 6th runes are the most important runes in this cast. They represent the advice the runes are giving you. The 7th rune is the result of the situation. If you follow the advice given in the spread. There are as many variations of runecast techniques as there are runecasters. The first thing you will want to do, is choose the number of runes you'll be casting. The number nine is closely associated with rune lore, and I have found it to be a manageable size for runecasts.

Odd numbers are traditional in divination, but you may use any number you wish. In choosing the number of runes you will work with, keep in mind whether or not you will be incorporating the runes that were cast face down.

Rune Information

Some people cast all their runes and read only the runes that fall face up, and others utilize those runes that are "hiding". I suggest that you experiment and find the technique that you are most comfortable with.

While concentrating on your issue or simply requesting guidance draw nine runes or however many you have decided on and cup them in your hands. Shake them up and drop them onto your rune cloth or whatever. Runecasting, it's true, is not as defined a method as using a spread, but that very lack of structure can be a valuable asset. You may find that the "look" of the runecast lends meaning to your interpretation. If after casting the runes, for example.

You notice that they have formed some sort of picture, let that picture speak to you and see how it applies to your reading. After noting the initial appearance of the runecast, read each individual pile of runes, then the runes that are face up, then one at a time flip over the runes that are face down if you are including them.

Take all the time you need to interpret the runecast. Basically, your observations should lean towards individual rune meanings, combined meanings and the relationships the runes have with each other in terms of distance, overlapping, etc.

There are so many ways the runes can fall, I suggest you practice casting with a few pre-determined things to look for. If some of the runesappear to be in the center, for example, I usually take that to mean that those runes are the predominant issues, and runes that are away from the center may be considered outside the main issue. Though they are in the spread and therefore have influence. Important things to look for are: How many runes are face down, unless you have chosen to exclude face down runes from your cast are there more runes hidden than showing?

If so, these may be elements in your life that are at work behind the scenes. They may be issues that you have not been able to focus on, or they may be hidden elements at work in your life.

Depending on the runes themselves and their placement in the casting. How many runes are reversed, and how many upright? This will give you a feeling for whether the runecast is generally positive or negative. Runes that are touching or covering other runes are closely working together in some way.

It is important to remember that each new combination of runes forms a new meaning, and each new cast will form new combinations. Forming a more defined plan for runecasting may be accomplished by adding special features to your rune cloth, see information under the heading RUNE CLOTH or simply figuring out something ahead of time.

There is no right or wrong way to cast the runes. Each technique is as valuable as the next. Numerology, tealeaf reading, astrology, and any other form of divination can be incorporated into your runecasting techniques, so keep your eyes open for new and interesting ways to cast the runes. Though they each have an individual significance, rune interpretation involves blending runes to form additional meanings.

Not all of the combined meanings are listed, so it will be your job to learn how they work together. FEHU This rune represents earned income. It represents your career as well as your wealth, status and position. FEHU is a rune of success and attainment. Drawing this rune indicates that prosperity is coming towards you in some form. The type of gain will be indicated by the surrounding runes: This rune announces the arrival of that which you have worked for.

You will overcome opposition. The advice of FEHU is to keep with the plan you have already underway. If negative runes surround FEHU, the advice is to conserve what you have. It indicates some sort of failure. Along side negative runes, a material loss is indicated.

There may be problems with your finances or your emotions now. You may be feeling a lack of fulfillment, possibly sexual frustration. Think carefully how your actions will affect your future. There may be female health problems and weight gain.

Again, for a clearer picture, look to the surrounding runes. Loss or a disappointment is shown if you continue on in the same manner. URUZ This is the rune of strength, good health and sometimes advancement in career. It may also represent the male one with strong emotions in a relationship. Drawing this rune is a good indicator that your wish or dream will come to pass. URUZ indicates a time of great energy and health for you. It is also a rune of sudden or unexpected changes usually for the better.

Drawing URUZ suggests improvement in your business or finances especially when paired with business or finance runes will happen, but only through hard work. There will be new challenges and responsibilities along with the strength to take them on. URUZ brings the message of good fortune, exciting events and success. You should not allow fear of a low self image to hold you back might you have already?

This rune reversed tells you that your will power is weak now. Low vitality and ill health are indicated. You may be unmotivated.

You may be experiencing bad luck. In a positive runecast, these are on your side. In a negative reading, your luck may be ending. It's fertile aspect can be seen in the birch, the first tree to turn green after a long winter. Berkana is also affiliated with Idun, the goddess of Spring, as Spring is the season of regeneration and reproduction. The natural fertility of the earth at this time is fecund.

Berkana is associated with the new buds on a twig, the first sprout from a seed and the first virginal flowers of the season, not yet plundered by bees. It is raw fertility which works cyclically season after season, year after year. Berkana is also associated with menstruation and the onset of menses, and is an excellent women's charm for problems with periods.

Berkana is particularly associated with growth that does come from seed, but from suckers that run along the ground and sprout roots.

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The mother plant may die, but its genes gave birth to, and will succeed the following plants. It is the baby's first breath as it is birthed. It is the maiden's first period as the blood is birthed. It is the seed's first sprout into open air, birthed from the mother soil. As such, this rune is a place of passage, the energy that brings the life-force forward. This is a rune for birthdays, naming days, movements through spiritual initiations, particularly in the eyes of the mother goddess.