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blaine sam relationship glee wiki

Popular Relationships: Search all relationships in Glee: Emma and Will Wemma Quinn and Puck Quick Rachel and Finn Sam and Quinn Finn-Rachel Relationship · Blaine-Kurt Relationship · Brittany-Santana Relationship · Jesse- Rachel. The Blaine-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Blam or Slaine, is the friendship between McKinley High with Blaine Anderson and Sam Evans. The Blaine-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Blainchel, Anderberry or Raine, is the friendship and one-time relationship (one date) between Blaine.

This is witnessed by Quinnwho, remembering how she felt the year prior, helps him clean up in the girl's washroom and there is an instant chemistry between the pair. Sam compliments Quinn's eyes in the Na'vi language from the movie Avatar. Later on, Sam asks Quinn to be his partner for the duet competition, but as they talk he tries to kiss her. Initially, she rejects him, citing her need to get her life back to normal after the events of the previous year pregnancy. Still, eventually she agrees to be his partner after being manipulated by Finn and Rachel and together they sing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

With Finn and Rachel's vote, they win a free dinner at Breadstix together. Quinn is initially put off by Sam clumsy attempts at talking to her, and awkwardly the conversation turns towards Quinn's past pregnancy and keeping secrets. Sam admits to having one himself, and Quinn immediately jumps on this, asking if he is gay as many of them suspect.

Sam denies this casually, and claims his true secret is that he dyes his hair with lemon juice.

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He reveals that he previously attended an all-boys boarding school, which he claims explains why he is so awkward in talking to girls. The two bond and Quinn pockets the gift certificate they won, stating that Sam should pay for dinner, as this is their first official date.

Later in the weight room, Sam and Finn discuss their insecurities with their bodies. Though Sam adheres to a strict and healthy diet, throughout the episode he displays signs of having an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder, stating that if he eats a hot dog or misses a workout, he hates himself for a few days.

During a dress rehearsal, Sam walks onto the stage wearing a pair of very short gold shorts. Sam asks Emma Pillsbury if he can wear "board shorts" but his request is denied. Sam is later pulled out of the musical and replaced by Will. Sam initially believes that the reason he was pulled out was because of his complaints about his costume, but Mr. Schuester assures him that it has nothing to do with Sam's body or his complaints.

Sam falls into a funk and confides in Finn that he feels fat, despite Finn's protests that Sam's body is fine. Sam advises Finn to be confident with his own body, but Finn seems to take Sam's words the wrong way, as he is nearly suspended after walking around the school in his underwear.

After the musical is canceled, Mr.

blaine sam relationship glee wiki

Schuester apologizes to Sam and Finn for making them feel uncomfortable and insecure. Never Been Kissed Sam and Finn are in cold tubs in the locker room and both discuss how they control their sexual urges while being with their girlfriends who abstain from sex.

Finn tells Sam that he visualizes something that turns him off, encouraging Sam to use images of Coach Beiste in compromising positions to cool off during make-out sessions with Quinn. Upon telling Finn, it starts to circulate throughout the glee club. When Will tells Beiste about it, she takes it very personally and quits. Will invites her to see the boys' mash-up, Stop! He appears to be closer to Santana as they sit together in the auditorium while Holly and Rachel perform the Chicago number.

He also reveals that Mr. Schuester taught him how to tie his shoes, when the children are asked about him. Furt When Finn tells Sam that he might be getting replaced, Sam says that he is on the verge of being super popular. Finn thought he didn't care about that stuff, and he admits that he does. He says that he will get Quinn to be his girlfriend, and Finn and Sam fist bump. As he walks away, Finn gives Sam a dirty look. After hearing that Burt and Carole are getting married, he asks Quinn for some alone time.

He says that he wants to be like the stars with Quinn, and says he thinks he loves Quinn. Then, he bends down on one knee, and shows Quinn a ring. Quinn says to get up, she's not ready to be married. Sam says that he wants to be married some day, and says that it is a promise ring.

A promise ring that he will be true and never pressure her to do anything, but kiss. He says that he will promise to make her feel proud, and do much more. He says that he cares about Quinn, and wants them to be together.

blaine sam relationship glee wiki

When she closes the ring box, she says that it is a maybe. In an all glee girls meeting, Quinn says that Sam and her are not officially dating. In the boys locker room, all the glee guys, except Finn, are telling Karofsky to back off Kurt. After he knocks down Mike and Artie, Sam launches into Dave, starting a fight.

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Karofsky, who is bigger than Sam, ends up knocking him to the ground and punching him in the eye, but the fight is then ended by Coach Beiste. The group discusses the phenomenon of how hate crimes are on the rise in NYC while they have gone down in most of the rest of the country.

Kurt suggests they change the subject so they can enjoy their meal. Blaine and Rachel seem excited for the assignment. Carmen Tibideaux watches with her arms crossed and appears displeased throughout the entire performance. After Rachel and Blaine have finished, Carmen informs them they have not followed the directions of the assignment, as they were supposed to perform individual songs.

Carmen also accuses Rachel and Blaine of feeling above their classmates for disregarding directions. However, Carmen also tells them their performance was a good one so she offers both of them the opportunity to re-do the assignment at a later time.

After hearing the news about Kurt getting hurt while trying to defend someone who was being "gay bashed," Blaine and Rachel rush to the hospital. Sam, Mercedes, and Artie are there as well. They are informed that Kurt has been sedated with morphine due to his injuries, but will be okay. They are able to visit with Kurt although he is unconscious. Rachel says she feels guilty for having left Kurt by himself after the fight they had earlier. Blaine assures Rachel the situation is not her fault and the outcome would have been the same if she had been with him.

Blaine begins to softly sing Not While I'm AroundRachel and the rest of the group leave the hospital room to give Blaine some privacy. After Kurt is released from the hospital, Blaine and Rachel and the rest of the gang gather for another Monday night potluck dinner. Rachel reminds the group about Kurt's performance for his Mid-Winter Critique and Blaine proposes a toast in Kurt's honor.

blaine sam relationship glee wiki

Opening Night Blaine appears in Rachel's nightmare in which she performs Lovefool to a hostile crowd in McKinley's auditorium. When Rachel freaks out about "internet trolls" before the opening night of Funny Girl and retreats to her bedroom, Blaine attempts to cheer her up along with Kurt, Sam and Tina. Rachel overcomes her fears and is ready to perform for Funny Girl. Blaine and the rest of the group attend the show which ends up being very successful.

Blaine suggests they go to a gay bar to celebrate and Rachel sings Pumpin Blood and everyone has a great time singing and dancing the night away. In the morning, Rachel and Blaine and the rest of the group go to the newsstand to see if the reviews have come out for Funny Girl.

Rachel is too nervous to read the review herself so Blaine and her friends take turns reading passages of it out loud. Much to Rachel's joy, and her friends the review is a good one. Rachel then gets the phone call from Will that his son was born and they have named him Daniel Finn Schuester. Rachel and Blaine, along with the rest of the group express their happiness over the joyful occasion. Blaine tells her she should be glad the producers don't know she's seriously considering the TV-pilot.

When Rachel is announcing her charity event to the paparazzi later that week, Blaine helps her out. However, he is not present at her event in the afternoon, because he's supporting Kurt at his role as Peter in a retirement home rendition of Peter Pan. Ultimately, Rachel, Artie, and Sam join him, and they all watch the show together.

Rachel is eagerly awaiting the appearance of Mary Halloran who is writing a script about her. As it turns out, Mary is a rather eccentric individual and Blaine and everyone seem rather amused, but taken aback by her.

Later, after Mary has interviewed Rachel and all her friends, Rachel and Blaine and everyone meet back at the loft for the read-through of the first script. The plots are all rather strange and Blaine and Rachel and everyone else except Brittany are perplexed by what they just read. Luckily, Rachel is able to convince Mary to re-tool the script to make it more "true to life" as far as Rachel and the other characters are concerned.

blaine sam relationship glee wiki

Once again, Rachel and Blaine and everyone meet to read the new version of the script. It is very well received except Brittany claims the first version was better. Everyone then gathers to admire Sam's new semi-nude spread on a city bus.