Customer relationship management pdf thesis paper

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customer relationship management pdf thesis paper

Cite this paper as: Guo X. () The Research of Customer Relationship Management between China and Foreign. In: Dai M. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between customer relationship management Marketing companies could fill with new customers. A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, research can be conducted to assess the impact of CRM practises in the the study, the structure of the work, the statement of the problem, objective of the study.

In the case of CRM, actors such as software vendors and industry analyst firms have played a particularly important role, much more so than in the case of other management fashions. The importance of software firms is partly due to the fact that CRM is an IT and technologically infused concept.

CRM software firms such as Microsoft and Salesforce have been active across many different channels such as the conference circuit, training courses as well as, more recently, social media platforms.

customer relationship management pdf thesis paper

In Section 4 the attention turns from the supply side to the demand side of the CRM market. The demand side of CRM 4. We first look at the interest in CRM, using search engine data. Second, we look at the adoption and diffusion of CRM, drawing on existing studies which have looked at the adoption and diffusion of CRM in different settings.

Third, we look at implementation and experiences with CRM, both in terms of associated benefits and problems. Interest One way to take the temperature on the general level of interest in CRM is by utilizing publically available Internet search engine data.

Some of the decrease could possibly be explained by the fact that the term is by now well known and understood in practice, as well as a lower level of newsworthiness. Figure 6 shows a similar downward trajectory for the acronym CRM, but the decline is not as steep as in Figure 5.

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Figure 8 shows that there are regional variations in the interest in CRM. The interest is highest in emerging high-growth economies such as Brazil and India.

One possible explanation is that managers in well-developed economies such as the US, UK, and Germany have more awareness and knowledge about CRM since it has been widely discussed and used in these regions for more than two decades. Adoption and diffusion What drives CRM adoption behavior? Therefore, institutional and social factors could also play a role in CRM adoption cf.

customer relationship management pdf thesis paper

Concerning adoption and diffusion in different sectors, CRM has a natural appeal in service industries as these tend to have close customer relationships. There is relatively little research about the diffusion of CRM in different parts of the world. Firthp. However, it should be noted that the aforementioned diffusion studies are quite dated.

This study is useful because it gives an indication of the adoption and diffusion of CRM over time, although it gives less specifics about country and sector-level differences. Implementation and experiences Both the practitioner oriented and academic literatures on CRM have reported mixed performance reviews and experiences. Several researchers have noted that the adoption and implementation of CRM is far from a straightforward process.

Failure cases may feed back into the CRM market via channels such as print and social media. Discussion In this section the findings presented in the previous sections will be discussed in relation to the literature on CRM and more generally the management fashion literature.

The discussion will focus on two areas. The first deals with the core question underlying the paper, namely whether CRM can be considered a management fashion. CRM has had a much longer life cycle than is typical for management fashions. Is CRM a management fashion?

The evidence shows that despite mixed performance reviews and experiences, CRM still enjoys huge popularity in organizational practice.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM exhibits many of the characteristics of a typical management fashion, such as the support of fashion-setting actors such as management consultants and conference organizers. Following the definition of management fashion proposed by Jung and Kieserp.

However, as we will discuss in more detail in the next section, CRM has taken up a significant chunk of popular management discourse for quite a long time, at least longer than what would be expected if it was just a fleeting and transient fad or fashion. Life cycle So far, the CRM life cycle has spanned more than two decades and there are no clear signs of a downturn. The bell-shaped management fashion curve Abrahamson, has yet to materialize.

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