Does a no strings attached relationship work

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does a no strings attached relationship work

You basically get to have a no-holds-barred humpfest and go about 8 Risks To Consider Before Getting Involved In A No-Strings-Attached Relationship many kids you want to have, nor should you ask these questions. No strings attached relationship tends to be really tricky to have! Having sex with an ex does not mean that they are going to fall back in love with you look sexy for him, then he needs to put in that amount of work as well. That should be reason enough why having a no strings attached All the hot, readily available sex of a relationship, sans pretending you care about while you're only interested in something physical, it won't work out.

I did not expect to see you here.

does a no strings attached relationship work

I was about to come up. It had been more than a month since they last met.

How To Have A No Strings Attached Relationship

He still looked fine to her. Fine enough for her to not regret staying up till this hour and potentially being awake the whole night. To be fair, she had never regretted anything with him. The first time she saw him, she had already set her mind on taking him home, for this man could turn her on merely by being the man he was.

Dos & Donts Of No Strings Attached

Every inch of him, to her, is a beautiful interpretation of the word manhood. She adores the idea of him and even the fact that she could objectify him for her pleasure.

Though, this kind of meet-up was actually unusual for her as she had never been into the whole hook-up culture. It is not because she is a prude who saves sex for marriage or she is afraid of the stigma attached to casual sex for women.

For her, it is simple that she could not be arsed. Being a woman means the release of brain chemicals and hormones after sex would leave her longing for the man who she could not care less otherwise, which would give her no choice but to suppress her unintended feelings.

However, suppression would take up her mental capacity, meaning less space for other important matters, not to mention the possibility of depression when suppression backfires.

does a no strings attached relationship work

Plus, there is always a risk of STDs, pregnancy and other complications. In a nutshell, to her, casual sex is simply not worth it. However, he was a special case.

does a no strings attached relationship work

The sex was good, the cuddle was good, the snoring was not very good but was made up for by the fact that he would hold her all night in her sleep, which she liked. The sight of his perfectly chiselled face in the morning was also good. In situations like these, what you need is a no strings attached relationship, where you can essentially revel in all the fun, minus all the complications. A no strings attached relationship is exactly what the name suggests — a roller coaster ride of pure fun and enjoyment, without any of the emotional strings or rather, tension rods holding you back.

Although the connotations are mainly sexual, such a relationship, or rather such a convenient arrangement does much more than satisfying your sexual libido. It is one of the most convenient ways of relaxing and chilling out, after life does its best to push you down and depress you with serious, adult things. DO make sure you are emotionally prepared for such an arrangement Image source: You will, after all, be engaging with someone in one of the most primal, most intimate acts, sex.

You will naturally have to talk about something some times, and you may in fact, find a genuine friend in your partner. This is precisely because when you get together with someone you had known, or do know in close proximity, such as an ex-lover or a friend or a colleague, then things become complicated from the start. Both of you share a past which is never a good thing when you are trying to maintain a relationship which is supposed to be completely emotionally detached. Having a casual relationship with tons of hot sex is a way to get over emotional burdens such as breakups, depression, loneliness, etc.

DO use protection when you are having sex Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License Ideally, when you are involved in a no strings attached relationship, you should not be sleeping around with multiple people, because then the chances of acquiring an STD becomes high.

It is best if you talk it out with your partner before you start having sex. However, no one is answerable to the other, and you cannot control any of their decision, which also includes who they decide to get together with.

Thus, it is absolutely essential to use protection when you are having sex. In addition to protecting you from STD, it will also ensure that no other complications, such as unplanned pregnancies, arise, which will completely mess up something which is supposed to be uncomplicated and fun.

You have to constantly keep in mind that you are not in a relationship, but you are actually having some fun with someone you are not interested to know any further. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong of you to get jealous if you see them flirting with other people or doing things without letting you know, or you start getting concerned about whether they have eaten or they have become too busy for you.

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If you want it bluntly put, then you are using them for their body, and they are doing the same, nothing more and nothing less. It is best to keep it that way. Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License There is nothing romantic or spontaneous about your relationship, and since we have gotten that out of the way, it is best to establish some ground rules between the two of you, so that there is no confusion in the future.

These may include a horde of things, depending on what each of you are comfortable with.