Does age matter in a love relationship

Does the age gap matter in a relationship?[1]-

does age matter in a love relationship

For instance, love does not see the age of the partner and it happens Or, a couple might have a beautiful relationship even if he's 10 years. Not just this couple, but for any couple - what does age difference matter after all? If they love each other, are committed to the relationship and. Love doesn't care if someone is older or younger, but we certainly do. Society holds a negative stigma regarding age differences, which causes.

But after being married for more than 20 years, I can safely say that age is actually just a number in a relationship, and has nothing much to do with compatibility.

does age matter in a love relationship

A younger person can have a mature and logical outlook, whereas an older person can have immature traits. That makes us compatible.

does age matter in a love relationship

Further, when you love someone truly, the age gap does not hold much significance. Our opinions differed on the smallest of things and always struggled to take a decision together.

does age matter in a love relationship

Plus, marriage was also an issue. I had turned 30 and had pressure from my family to tie the knot. I just turned 30 and want to start a family. We have reached a stalemate on this topic. As you grow old, you get to understand what you seek in a partner or a relationship.

does age matter in a love relationship

Most importantly, you get to know yourself better as a person. My ex-girlfriend was six years younger than me, and she was always confused in terms of what she wanted from our relationship.

We were never on the same page emotionally.

Does the age gap matter in a relationship?

We know our own style and what suits us and what makes us feel comfortable. The age gap in fashion can be stark.

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Different ideas of fun Health, energy and vitality are also issues that emerge over time. Our energy levels do reduce over the years. Can he keep her satisfied and vice versa. This is where problems come to the surface.

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The difference between someone aged 35 and another aged 45 can be huge. But coming back to real life is difficult. If you wish to continue the relationship and it becomes serious, meeting the parents and family can be very troublesome. Why we choose who we do is a source of theoretical debate in the psychology world.

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We convince ourselves we can make it work, we will be different. How we choose a partner We choose a particular person at a certain time in our lives. At a different stage we may choose a different person. We have different needs at different times. Yes, we may be very sexually frustrated and it may have been a very long time since someone showed any interest in us sexually and we find this both surprising and flattering. We may have a penchant for someone older or younger — no problem.

Column: Does age really matter in a relationship?

However, think carefully about the long term ramifications of such a liaison. Opposites do attract for lots of different reasons, sometimes unconscious psychological reasons.

does age matter in a love relationship

However, when those needs are met the relationship can fall apart. If possible, we need to link in with someone who is similar to ourselves.

Even with this seemingly harmonious compatibility, problems can and do occur.