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egypt turkey relationship

p The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit could give a boost to Egyptian-Turkish relations, writes strongDoaa El-Beystrongp. Turkey-Egypt relations have numerous aspects worth discussing in detail. In this short article of mine, I want to focus on three headlines which cannot be ruled. Cairo warned Turkey against breaching Egyptian sovereignty in the Relations between Cairo and Ankara moved from amity to enmity in July.

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Democracy can only be built in a ballot box. And the struggle through the UN has not stopped.

egypt turkey relationship

Right after the coup, the members of the Brotherhood who were able to escape, fled to Turkey, Qatar and Britain. After Erdogan called the August 14 killings a "massacre of peaceful protesters" and called Egyptian prosecutors to put Sisi on trial, Cairo cancelled a joint naval exercise with the Turkish navy that was planned for that October. Ankara then pulled its ambassador back from Egypt. Cairo, in retaliation, recalled its ambassador in Ankara for consultations at the end of August, but that was only temporary, and lasted until November.

In November, when Erdogan again called for the immediate release of former President Morsi, Egypt decided to downgrade its diplomatic relations with Turkey and expelled Botsali, declaring him persona non grata. Turkey responded in kind to the Egyptian ambassador in Ankara, who had already left Turkey. Neither Turkey nor Egypt took a step back the following year in Egypt has played a role in the talks between Israel and Palestine.

Egypt–Turkey relations

Erdogan called Sisi an "illegitimate tyrant" who cannot be trusted in negotiations. In August, Erdogan called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Egypt, saying that relations would not return to normal until Morsi is released, all capital punishment sentences are annulled, all political prisoners are released and the ban on religious political parties is lifted.

A positive step did come a year later. But Egypt has not decided yet on the level of its representation.

There have been reports of behind-the-scenes Saudi mediation efforts to ease the strained relations between Cairo and Ankara. Shalaby did not rule out the presence of mediation efforts on the part of Saudi Arabia, which is looking for a united stand within the coalition formed last week to combat terrorism.

egypt turkey relationship

The coalition led by the Saudis includes both Egypt and Turkey, in addition to another 35 Arab and Islamic countries. While there are some factors that stand out against any easing of relations, there are other factors that work in favour of easing them, among them the Saudi will to patch up differences to make the coalition to combat terrorism more effective.

Although Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri denied any Saudi mediation, he expressed his hope that Egyptian-Turkish relations will return to normal, as in the past they were built on mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. Meetings were held recently between the Egyptian and Saudi foreign ministers, the last of which was held this week on the periphery of a meeting in the UAE.

Analysts say the issue of Egyptian-Turkish relations was one of the issues discussed during the meetings.

Relations Between Turkey and Egypt

Another factor working in favour of easing tensions is the fear of increasing Iranian influence in the region, especially after the international sanctions imposed on Tehran were lifted earlier this month. It has also been fighting proxy wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria in search of the same end: Perhaps the other important factor that could push towards improved relations with Turkey is the economic effect of the rift on both states. The strained relations have negatively affected trade between the two states.

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