Female led relationship marriage tarot

Female Led Relationship: What It Is And 17 Reasons Why It Works Great

female led relationship marriage tarot

Relationships between a Pisces man & a Pisces woman can be superb but lackluster communication may breed Learn more about this emotionally-driven duo. 62 reviews of Love Coach for Women "I just completed Gemini's 6 month love mastery program. “Gemini did a tarot card reading for me and it was amazing! I am a past client of Gemini's and I am about to be married. .. This experience has led me down not only on a road of new beginnings but to trust in myself and. Discovering the woman who brought tarot into the modern age. Once inside, I was warmly greeted, given a cup of tea and led to a small In relationships, this card suggests happiness, marriage or meeting someone new.

Again proving that they may be more suited in wearing the pants in the relationship. So instead of being haughty let the ladies take control and see how better the relationship will get. Unlike before, men are starting to understand that letting a woman lead is better for the relationship.

Here are 10 Reasons why being in an FLR is the best. Women Are Better At Communication Women in a female-led relationship are better at communication because they are not afraid to express their feelings. Instead of keeping their feelings bottled they communicate with their partner. Why is this better? It usually results in less shouting competitions and blame game.

Instead of giving each other the silent treatment they engage in a meaningful conversation and getting to the root of the problem. With this, we can conclude: That a woman can easily lead the relationship by performing all tasks at hand and managing the time.

There are many women out there who have a full-time job, take care of the kids and are also keeping the fire alive in the bedroom. His only goal left is to make his love happy and which most men in female led relationships do so.

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Want to know the best part? The pressure is off on both parties because as mentioned above, her being better at handling multiple tasks at hand, she can easily manage to keep the relationship alive. Believe me, it does happen a lot. But when she is handling the reign: Unlike men who sit around and are ignorant they will try their best to solve the problem and are willing to seek help if they have to.

But on the other hand, women are fully aware of their surroundings. They know whats happening around them and how to deal with the situation. If there is anything bothering their man they know what it is and how to make him feel better. So letting them sail the ship is always a better idea. With no reading between the lines, the relationship runs more smoothly than ever.

female led relationship marriage tarot

In a matched pairing, you're more likely to end up as two messy artists than two reformed, organized individuals. Pisces men and women love being alone; it allows their imaginative natures to truly blossom.

Loneliness is still a threat for the Pisces without a partner, as they long for someone to give their soul to. Pisceans will come running to help anyone and everyone in need, but are far too easily tricked.

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There is no zodiac sign as empathetic as the fish, and when his loved ones and friends hurt, he is hurting too. Pisceans deal with their problems by escaping them through dreams or otherwise.

LIVE TALK 4 - Designing Your Role in a Female Led Relationship

While it can be healthy and helpful in some respects, avoiding the core issue tends only to make problems worse. Values differ even between Pisces, so you can never be sure what is important to one until you ask.

Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more. Love And Relationships Both men and women born under Pisces are friendly and caring, typically adored by all they meet.

The fish is an introvert at heart, but they magnetize enough people toward them with their charm that you wouldn't know it. Pisceans are trusting to a fault, welcoming those who will ultimately abuse and manipulate them with open arms.

The problem with Pisces within any friendship or relationship is an inability to say no. The desire to put a smile on everyone's face at any cost makes lying and staying in poor relationships easy for them to rationalize. The fish is wildly optimistic, always expecting good to come out of even the worst situations. For two Pisceans in love, this is a positive as it encourages them never to give up chasing their happiness.

The satisfaction and success of any intimate relationship will all depend on how focused each party is on what they have. As I sat down, the reader introduced herself, lit a bundle of sage and slid a Rider-Waite tarot deck from a cloth bag.

After placing the deck in the center of the table, she told me to think of a question for the cards. She instructed me to cut the deck into three stacks and select six cards. I hesitated, feeling silly for resorting to divination, but I pushed past my misgivings and drew the cards. My reader turned over each card, telling me their names.

female led relationship marriage tarot

She went through the meaning of each one and interpreted what it meant for me: It can also represent an unhappy relationship or a desire to rewrite the past. It symbolizes fears you must face before you can heal and move forward. The High Priestess is intuitive, creative and divine. She is in touch with her subconscious.

This card urges you to trust your instincts, the reader said. A card of optimism when upright, the Queen of Wands can appear in reverse if you are caught in a moment of low self-esteem, exhaustion or grappling with jealousy.

This is also a sign that you must take charge and embrace your power, she said. My reader divulged that this card is indicative of romance, love, relationships, soulmates and major choices that have been or will be made. It also represents inner balance and harmony found by self-acceptance, she said.

Female Led Relationship: What It Is and 17 Reasons Why It Works Perfectly

When upright, this card represents celebration and happiness. When reversedmy reader indicated, it can signify the breaking of an agreement or a relationship. It can also represent sabotage. She defined this card as one of wholeness, completion, fulfillment and success.

The world suggests that what you go through will teach you the lessons you need to learn in order to thrive.