Hexagram 28 unchanging relationship tips

Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 28

Hexagram Overload. The hexagram describes a state of imbalance where the strong is too strong and Even in a marriage of unequals Love can be found. Plunging willfully ahead during risky times, against the advice of your friends and The person who aspires only to relationships with those of higher status. Step-by-step guide on how to give yourself an authentic I Ching reading! Lots of fun, and full of insightful advice. the years of their birth, of their immigration to the US, and of their marriage. . Hexagram 28 Ta Kuo - Excess.

A number of firm lines is generally auspicious, but there can be too much of a good thing! The ridgepole is crooked. It benefits to go anywhere. Great Exceeding, the ridgepole sagging. Harvesting; possessing directed going. It emphasizes that pushing the guiding idea beyond ordinary limits and accepting the results is the adequate way to handle it The ridgepole bows upward; beneficial to have someplace to go; receipt.

When the great is excessive, the ridgepole bends. It is good to go somewhere; that is developmental. In the same way, practitioners of the Tao who promote yang too much, who do not know when enough is enough, who can be great but cannot be small, suffer damage to their spiritual house. When greatness passes, the ridgepole bends. It is beneficial to have somewhere to go, for you will succeed. Excess of the Great indicates a beam that warps. It will be advantageous to have undertakings.

It will be pervasive. The image of trees beneath a marsh forms Critical Mass. The superior man, in accordance with this, fearlessly stands alone, and stays retired from the world without regret. The lake rises above the trees: Thus the superior man, when he stands alone, is unconcerned, and if he has to renounce the world, he is undaunted. This hexagram symbolizes a forest submerged in a great body of water.

The Superior Man, though standing alone, is free from fear; he feels no discontent in withdrawing from the world. Water is necessary for the nourishment of the trees, but too much of it can cause serious damage.

The lake rising over the trees symbolizes Great Excess. The superior man, when isolated, is undisturbed. If he has to retreat from society, he feels no regret.

A chun tzu uses solitary establishing not to fear. A chun tzu uses retiring-from the age without melancholy. Moisture destroys wood in excess.

Thus superior people stand alone without fear, and leave society without distress. Marsh covers over wood; This is Excess of the Great.

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Thus the jun zi stands alone without fear and withdraws from the world without melancholy. Excess is weakly supported at either end, with weakness in both the lowest and topmost lines.

The dynamic lines are in excess, but two of them are in the central positions. The trigrams of Flexibility and Satisfaction indicate that there will be advantage in moving in any direction whatever -- there will be success. Great indeed is the work to be done during this extraordinary time. Extraordinary times require extraordinary skill in their management.

hexagram 28 unchanging relationship tips

The figure shows two magnetic lines at top and bottom, with four dynamic lines between them -- giving the image of a great beam unable to sustain its own weight. Lines two and five are both dynamic and central however, and from this and the attributes of the component trigrams a good auspice is obtained. A stressful situation is best managed with a comprehensive strategy.

The Superior Man serves The Work by going his own way, regardless of public opinion. Wilhelm titles this hexagram Preponderance of the Great. Wing's paraphrase of Critical Massas more evocative of the figure's meaning in modern terminology. In Critical Mass four dynamic lines lurk inside of the hexagram, weakly contained at top and bottom by two magnetic lines. This energetic concentration could explode in an unpredictable release of force, and hence the Judgment tells us to move now remember: Often the outcome is predictable — be prepared to just walk away if and when that is your best move.

It is advantageous to move in any direction whatever. When the transformative path is flourishing, contaminations easily arise; it is best to set up guidelines and regulations.

When meditation work is advanced, ignorance is about to dissolve; it is best to exercise the mind skillfully. During a time of Critical Mass, pay close attention to direction from the Self to preserve the Work.

This is not the time to follow the crowd. The Gulf is something that has to be leaped, and leaped alone, stripped of all hindering burdens, in faith It is thus one of the crisis points of spiritual progress because of the great temptation to turn back from the unknown to the apparent safety of known things, and to succumb to this temptation is to lose all the fruits of past endeavor. We must regain modesty through the effort to rid ourself of strong elements that cause us to press forward. The strong elements may exist in someone else, causing them to assault us with their fear, mistrust or doubt.

Strong refers to impetuous movement to resolve what is ambiguous … We can meet the challenge by remaining detached and letting things go through their changes … To be truly rich is to remain modest; to be truly powerful is to remain reticent.

The first line, magnetic, shows one placing mats of the white mao grass under things set on the ground. There will be no error. To spread white rushes underneath. For mats, use white rushes -- no error! The implication may be that, if we decide to do things rather nicely, we might as well go a little further and do them as charmingly as possible.

To spread white rushes below leads to no blame.


A sacrifice availing-of white thatch grass. For the mat use white cogon-grass; there is no trouble. Spreading white reeds; no fault. Spreading a mat of white reeds, there is no blame. Use of white mats in making offerings is blameless.

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She feels the weakness of being in the lowest place, and uses extraordinary care. The yielding is underneath. The reference is derived from the position of this yielding line below so many firm ones.

Supple located below indeed. Flexibility in a low position. Because the meek is in the low position. To place the things on the ground might be considered sufficient; but when one places mats of the white grass beneath them, what occasion for blame can there be?

Such a course shows the height of carefulness. The white grass is a trivial thing, but through the use made of it, it may become important. One who goes forward using such careful art will not fall into any error. The first line is magnetic, at the bottom of both the hexagram and the lower trigram of Humility or Flexibility. Therefore she is distinguished by carefulness, as in the matter mentioned, and there is a good auspice. At the outset, the man displays considerable care in embarking upon an important enterprise.

When embarking on an important endeavor, it is necessary to pay particular attention to details at the beginning. The times are indeed extraordinary, and you must be particularly careful to proceed in the right way.

Being overcautious is not a mistake. The idea is to lay a careful foundation for any enterprise to prevent later instability. Make careful choices now to prevent evil consequences later on. Don't you know that the beginning is the most important part of every work and that this is especially so with anything young and tender? For at that stage it's most plastic, and each thing assimilates itself to the model whose stamp anyone wishes to give it.

Plato --The Republic B. Extreme caution is indicated. The second line, dynamic, shows a decayed willow producing shoots, or an old husband in possession of his young wife; there will be advantage in every way. A dry poplar sprouts at the root.

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An older man takes a young wife. The withered willow tree puts forth new shoots -- an old man takes to wife a young girl. The withered poplar tree sprouts new shoots. The old man marries a young wife. A withered willow giving birth-to a sprig. A venerable husband acquiring his woman consort. The bitter poplar gives life to sprouts: For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here. A special someone is likely to push your buttons at this time.

But nothing is as it appears. A test of faith and heart is indicated here.

hexagram 28 unchanging relationship tips

When walking across a thin and bending beam, one must have faith that it will hold. This hexagram is a reminder to not bend under the weight of burdens or judgment from others. This is a time for reflection. This is a time to examine closely one's own personal philosophy of love. Does your idea of love hold truth? Or is it like a cup with holes in it? Put your faith in what's real about love. Only through letting go of false, outdated ideas and embracing the truth can pure love be attained.

A gentle strength is required here to separate myth from reality. If you find that you cannot -- then you must let your heart be the guide. Changes in Line 1 "Strengthening the Foundation" The wise person takes the time to lay a firm base on the ground before they act. When the excessive overwhelms the weak, the weak will rise in a chain reaction, whether in politics, the natural world, or within the paradigm of the individual.

The Wind, with the Creative at its center, is seeking a transition, but the Lake can be viewed as joyous oblivion. From within you, the Creative seeks expression and being naturally yourself is your only option.

...life can be translucent

Ta Kuo suggests an unnatural condition that contains within it the power for renewal. Critical mass is like the explosion of the Big Bang, where new life emerged from a point of nothingness. In actuality life was already there just in another form.

Authenticity and naturalness is life's main thrust. Meeting the challenge becomes your point of re-entry into a more sustainable way of interacting, even if the atmosphere has grown heavy. Critical Mass unchanging can mirror a situation where you are busy or overwhelmed at work. You may need a vacation to avoid burnout. Unchanging, Critical Mass portrays trying events that stay in suspension for a long period, such as the test of faith that comes from being a caregiver in a difficult situation.

It can also show a person who complains constantly without changing anything. They wonder why nobody wants to share time with them. It can portray someone who stalks crisis to avoid commitment. It can show how others might be using the shock factor when interacting with you, either leaving you hanging or as a way to get a response out of you.

Some people thrive on pushing the envelope, but others thrive on pushing our buttons. Some become the mover and shakers of the world, while the constant pursuit of a challenge can make them either loners or lonely. However, if you are feeling a sense of abandonment, you might want to look at the type of environment you are currently creating for yourself.

Drama and keeping balls in the air can hide a fear of commitment.

hexagram 28 unchanging relationship tips

Perhaps you refuse to move on in some way or are failing to get the message that the current situation is just too much. In other words, it is not sustainable and the roof will come down. You may need to build a stronger or more real foundation that can bring you a better sense of peace. Allow change to move you through this transition into a more peaceful atmosphere. You may soon be making a tough decision you are avoiding.

Changes to 43 Determination.