Infp communication problems in relationship

INFP Communication: Understanding your language

infp communication problems in relationship

INFP mindset and communication | See more ideas about Thoughts, of my problems would be solved if I stopped overthinking things and calmed the fuck down. so .. Isfp Relationships, Struggling Relationship Quotes, Pisces Relationship. They have such devoted love that turning a relationship off and It would be better for an INFP to talk out their problems with They may feel that they're terrible at communicating and go through huge streaks of isolation. Love is the life-blood of the INFP personality type. Our number one desire in a relationship is to be understood and accepted for our authentic self. making our roundabout manner of communicating hard to decipher.

When you bring personal meaning and values into a work task, it becomes far more important for the INFP to complete and accomplish well. INFPs prefer to figure it out along the way. Focus on how information can develop others One of the INFPs desire is to make the world a better place by bringing out the full potential of each individual. When you share information with INFPs, ensure you link it back to how it can develop people.

Also, share personal stories and talk about how this development of people actually helps in the betterment of the world. Such language is inspiring to INFPs and is likely to bring out the best in them if they believe likewise.

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Compromising their values INFPs though appearing flexible, deeply treasure their inner values and they want to see these values expressed outwardly in their world.

If there are roles or decisions they have to make that compromises on what they believe, it will most probably lead to a conflict of some sort. To avoid the conflict, always check back with the INFP in situations where the moral lines seem a little grey. Often, the INFP would have a clear stand on it but seldom do they vocalize it until absolutely necessary. However, if they feel that they are being exploited or used, a conflict may arise.

Although INFPs are quiet, always remember to appreciate and be thoughtful for the work they put in through word or deed.

Kind words, gestures of kindness and a due reward will ensure that INFPs know they are valued. Hurting their cause or someone they value Similarly, INFPs value deeply those close to them and the cause they believe in.

infp communication problems in relationship

They feel best when they do what they believe to be right and just. Few can rival an INFP in their ability to deeply empathize with the other party's emotions and the struggle in their lives. They are capable of seeing deep into the other party's motives and sensing what the other party is concerned about the most. INFPs are capable of inspiring people to develop their abilities and talents. They are capable of providing effective support to the other party so that the latter may better understand their spiritual side and the way they relate to others.

infp communication problems in relationship

INFPs can be emotional in their communication with other people, although they always treat everyone with respect. However, at times INFPs can come across as distant and reserved. Those are the periods when they reflect on their views of the world and people. They are quick to find a personal angle in any critical comment, whether or not anything personal was intended.

They will tend to take any criticism as a personal attack on their character, and will usually become irrational and emotional in such situations.


They are more irrational than they realize. They might not see how much emotional logic guides their choices. There isn't enough time to play and be creative and too much time required for working in this world. They may be eager to start something new but quickly loses interest if it takes too much effort or time.

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They may have problems with confrontation and find ways to avoid it. It would be better for them to approach the problem directly. This will actually help their relationships and make them stronger.

They may go through periods of hoarding everything and then giving everything away. They are brilliant, greater than they even know. Their personality may suffer from getting in touch with their confidence. They can become obsessed with their body and also forget to take care of their body. They struggle with extremes. There's a lot of balancing act going on, so they shift a whole lot.

It would help them to take in and sort more information to combat this, but their dominant mode is emotional decision making. This can make it difficult to carry out visions.

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They have beautiful dreams and should be encouraged to have dreams. They are more crafty than they're letting you know.

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They might not say things to your face, but they freely will to others. Encourage them to have better communication skills. They should not be pampered. If you start taking care of them, you'll be taking care of way more than you want to be responsible for.

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They have an intense hatred of negativity. It can blind them.

infp communication problems in relationship

They don't need to be so hard on themselves. They are one of the most genuine, important people we have, and yet they often don't see it.