Liara shadow broker relationship act

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liara shadow broker relationship act

Contents[show] Mass Effect: Redemption Feron is hired by Liara T'Soni to help her find Commander Shepard. Liara accuses Feron of still working for the Shadow Broker. depending on whether or not Shepard is in a relationship with Liara, but both result in Liara denying it. 5 Most Villainous Acts in Anime of They cant say "well you didn't buy the DLC, relationship over" No matter what, the Shadow Broker dies and Liara takes over. If you didn't play it, they can still act like it happened in ME3, you just never got to see it happen. If Liara doesn't is still an option I might try two-timing both and with Liara ( shadow broker dlc) just so then I can end the relationship. I will probably pick Tali most likely because just something about the way she acts and.

It was explained for those who did not play it, such as me. Life is a dream wrapped in a convenient lie. Apejaack Apejaack 8 years ago 6 LOTSB definitely feels like it was meant to be in the original game, but was likely cut out to help build the bridge to ME: Maybe they originally had a different outcome, though.

However, it would be a total poor move on Bioware to do that and kill off a potential LI just because someone couldn't afford the DLC. Its good either pre- or post-Omega. Sepewrath Sepewrath 8 years ago 8 "However, it would be a total poor move on Bioware to do that and kill off a potential LI just because someone couldn't afford the DLC.

TC, look at the DLC, it has events set in stone, you can not in any way influence the outcome. Its pretty much like the comic or the books its just part of the story that happens "off screen" so to say. You get to play it, but you don't actually have a hand in how the events play out. She will just be the SB in ME3, whether you played it or not; I will say though, that they will have to deal with the romance thing in ME3.

It was probably a bad decision to have a romance subplot take place in DLC, I guess they can get around that by letting you play that last part from the DLC where it happens in ME3. Liara is shy and not used to lying, a trait Ashley Williams is tempted to take advantage of—"Want me to ask about her sex life?

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To her mother's defense, Liara knows Benezia well enough to be astonished to discover she is working with Saren, and does not believe she could be aiding him of her own free will.

Shepard can talk to Liara about her mother and discuss the reasons Benezia may have for assisting Saren, as well as asari culture in general and the misconceptions surrounding Liara's species. Liara is initially drawn to Shepard because the Commander was touched by Prothean technology on Eden Prime.

Unfortunately, as Liara is used to isolation, she confesses she always seems to say something embarrassing around other people.

Don't cheat on the Shadow Broker. (Minor spoilers)

When Shepard jokes about Liara sounding like she wants to dissect Shepard in a lab, Liara becomes flustered and claims she only meant Shepard would make an interesting specimen for an in-depth study, further embarrassing herself. Liara discreetly looks up Shepard's service history to learn more, worrying about making a fool of herself if she asks the Commander directly. Her scientific interest may become a romantic attraction that Shepard can choose to pursue.

Even if Shepard has other romantic interests, Liara still cares about the Commander, sympathetic to the nightmares Shepard suffers because of the beacon visions. Liara is very compassionate—she even feels sorry for Saren because he is losing his mind to indoctrination.

liara shadow broker relationship act

If Liara is on the Normandy and isn't with the shore party, a squad member suggests bringing her in to confront or possibly talk her mother down. Regardless of Liara's presence, Benezia has been indoctrinated beyond redemption and has to be put down.

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If Liara faces her mother, though, she personally receives her mother's proud approval during the latter's brief moments of lucidity. She last hears her "Little Wing" moniker from Benezia as her mother succumbs to her injuries.

liara shadow broker relationship act

Aboard the Normandy Liara discourages attempts at talking about her mother, though she opens up if Shepard presses the matter. She takes some comfort from the fact Benezia tried to stop Saren, no matter how the attempt turned out.

She chooses to remember Benezia as she once was, not how she ended up.

liara shadow broker relationship act

As Shepard obtains fragmented visions from various sources during the search for Saren, Liara offers her melding abilities to try and make sense of the data. She constantly exhausts herself after each encounter, prompting frequent suggestions to report to Dr.

Chakwasbut collects herself together long enough to explain what she saw. Once Shepard obtains the Cipherthe Mu Relay 's location, and the distress call from the Prothean Beacon on Virmire, Liara finally recognizes enough clues to determine the Conduit's location: Liara doesn't understand much about human relationships, but she does make it clear she understands the concept of jealousy. If the other party walks out, she expresses relief that Shepard chose her, but feels sorry for her rival nonetheless.

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Liara eventually reveals she has never been intimate with someone before and finds the idea a little daunting. She gradually comes to trust the Commander, feeling as if they share some special connection.

liara shadow broker relationship act

However, she feels the times are too dark for them to give into each other and regrets having to make this sacrifice for the sake of the mission. During the Normandy's lockdown, she comes to Shepard's side to reassure the Commander, and they almost share a kiss before being interrupted by Joker.