Mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

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mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

This subreddit is for people who love the Mass Effect universe - the games, In our sub, "OT" stands for "Original Trilogy," and refers to Mass Effect , excluding Andromeda. . The unseen consequences of picking destroy ending. .. Also, in low EMS endings you don't even get the chance to choose. We're one week removed from the release of the Mass Effect 3 the same way as the original ending's scene if you get a low EMS ending. For Mass Effect 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message I romanced Miranda in ME 2 and continued that relationship in ME 3 I guess it is possible for Liara to die at the charge to the beam if your EMS is low enough.

mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

And, yes, if you choose destroy and have a high enough EMS, Shepard lives. With the summary out of the way, the question is if the Extended Cut is worth the wait.

It does fill in some of the biggest plot holes and complaints about the original endings. We find out how our squadmates end up on the Normandy despite being with Shepard on the run down the hill.

We got the added dialogue in the Catalyst scene that serves as additional context for our final decision. The new endings are definitely better.

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There are a couple of ways of thinking about the Refusal ending. It does confirm the fact that BioWare has been reading the forums and watching YouTube. Joe also wanted to shoot the Star Child. That says something about the ending when so many people want to pull the trigger and blow the little bastard away.


When I first read that everyone hated the ending, I assumed that the cycle would continue regardless of what the player did. BioWare and EA would have been able to have a poignant ending of the Reapers being impossible to defeat, even with a superweapon and the collective armed forces of the galaxy, while still allowing the companies to cash in with Mass Effect 4 onward as a new cycle attempted to stop the Reapers.

Who would have thought that would be the ending that the fans were indirectly asking for?

mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

BioWare has hit some of the big points that people complained about from the original ending. Most of the focus in Extended Cut was on providing closure rather than clarity. There are still some plot holes. Despite the fact that BioWare solved the issue with how your squadmates get onto the Normandy, they managed to open a second one up.

Joker is able to instantly break away from the orbital battle to land in front of Harbinger to pick up your squad. Instead, Harbinger holds fire from when the Normandy swoops in for pick up to when it leaves. Almost all of the questions people had about the Citadel scenes remain.

The keepers are still typing into thin air. The creepy Kaiden and Ashley bodies are still there. Anderson some how beats you to the control room without having an apparent path to the control room. The Illusive Man materializes in the control room out of nowhere and still has mysterious powers over you and Anderson.

Speaking of which, you still have that inexplicable wound in your left abdomen where you shot Anderson. The Star Child is still there and still looks like the kid from Earth who terrorizes Shepard in his nightmares.

As mentioned above, this time is not an automatic conversation with no dialogue wheel interjection. The Normandy still appears to be only ship in the galaxy that crashes when hit by the Crucible shockwave. As noted above, low EMS endings feature the same crash scene as the original ending but carefully edited around the parts where Joker looks in the non-existent rear window.

You never actually interact with any of the War Assets. It was pointed out by many that BioWare and the Star Child presented the options with a definite preference. It seemed as though the Synthesis option was the desired outcome for the writers while all efforts are made to dissuade you from selecting Destroy.

The extended endings also favour that preferred hierarchy of choice. The Synthesis ending features EDI waxing poetic about the benefits of the newly organic-synthetic hybrid people that Shepard created and demonstrating how she has become more self-actualized, more human, than she was before.

In both instances, these are bittersweet endings that almost border on happy endings. That being said, I felt synthesis was an abomination the first time I was presented the choice by the Star Child and had that feeling confirmed by the original ending scene. That original ending video was positively tame compared to the updated synthesis ending. Watching it on YouTube made me glad that I was never tempted to jump in the green Catalyst beam of death.

The Jacob and Miranda slides are different based on the selected ending.

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Of course, maybe that colored my views, but in 2 and 3, to me, their interactions always seem like she was repressing her feelings because she thinks Shepard doesn't feel that way towards her. I mean, even her dad sees she likes Shepard, and its evident when you talk to her on the Citadel if you haven't locked anyone else in yet.

mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

She's all, "Yeah, I like this relationship were we're She's like so happy if you tell her you want to be more. I guess you said you haven't played the first one, but I've always felt Liara was in love with Shepard from the beginning.

My ME 2 game had the interactive comic for ME 1 and that was good enough for me. Anyway, I should have went back to Ashley, but she would have been devastated at the end with Shepard dying and all.

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I like Liara too and I think she was also in love with my Shepard right from the beginning as well. Miranda and Ashley are hotter imo though. Well, I guess I'll hold onto my game saved data for ME 3. I guess we might need it for ME 4? Any who, I always felt that Liara is technically the "cannon" romance option if there ever was one. Therefore, she'd be doing a lot of the scenes.

I've romanced Kaiden, Liara, Garrus, and Tali in different play throughs. She's always been a favorite of mine and after watching the romance for her in ME3, I was satisfied.

mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

Will it be a prequel or a sequel? Will the new ME be one of the last games to come out on the PS3 in ? There are rumours floating around that the PS4 will be out by fall I hope it comes out in fall instead. I'm pretty sure that our ME 3 game saved data will have some influence on the next game if it comes on the PS3. I figured if you romance a crew member, that particular LI would be the one with the plaque, but if you romanced a non-crew member, how does it determine who's the one putting Shepard's name on the memorial?

Like why did I have Ash while the other poster have Liara? And its not most favored squad member, because I was pretty sure Garrus was the one I used the most and he was the third one to come out of the Normandy in my ending. Anyways, I picked synthesis- I just can't bring myself to pick destroy, since that will kill Edi and the Geth. I mean, I didn't work so hard to broker peace between the Quarians and Geth and have Legion sacrifice himself just to kill them!

Also, I still find synthesis totally creepy. Yeah, it brings everyone together and to the next stage of evolution, but everyone having the glowing green eyes and green lines through their skin is just freaky! And while I'm fine with the endings, its still amusing that for synthesis, they just use the same pictures, but make everyone's eyes glow green, and drawing green circuitry on their arms and necks gmoshier Topic Creator 5 years ago 8 dedi85k posted Weird, I just beat the game, having also romanced Miranda, but it was Ash rather than Liara who put the plaque on the memorial.

And while I'm fine with the endings, its still amusing that for synthesis, they just use the same pictures, but make everyone's eyes glow green, and drawing green circuitry on their arms and necks The refusal ending is worse than the destroy ending. Only synthetics die in destroy and refusal causes everyone to die!

mass effect 3 low ems ending a relationship

Maybe it just randomly picks a crew member. I used Ashley, Garrus, and Javik the most. I used Liara a fair amount of times too but not as much as the other 3. Well, all of the endings still suck because Shepard dies.