Setting realistic expectations in a relationship

Setting Realistic Expectations in a Relationship | Our Everyday Life

setting realistic expectations in a relationship

I know that “realistic expectations” is probably the least romantic more awesome qualities in a relationship, like “We have the same values”. Modern relationships are such a mindfuck. We analyze and agonize over them. We scour the Internet in pursuit of them. We write about them. Do you harbor unrealistic expectations in your intimate relationship? will be setting yourself and your partner up for tremendous discord and.

setting realistic expectations in a relationship

Modern relationships are more equal between partners than they were in the past, so do not expect your partner to uphold old standards. This can be any expectations related to gender roles -- for example, expecting a wife to cook and clean for her husband.

Talk About It When setting realistic expectations in a relationship, it takes two. Good relationships require communication so that you are aware of what your partner expects and vice versa.

setting realistic expectations in a relationship

This means not expecting your partner to immediately know your needs, desires and feelings. According to Marcus, both people need to listen, give and take feedback, as well as compromise. She stresses that it is important to establish boundaries and recognize when your desires cannot be met by your partner.

setting realistic expectations in a relationship

If you want your partner to spend more time with you, but she expresses her need for more independence, you will need to discuss how you can compromise. About Modern Romantic Relationships: She writes articles on relationships, entertainment and health.

A healthy relationship requires trust, honesty, mutual respect and equalityand those are exactly the things that are missing when people come into relationships with these unrealistic expectations.

How To Start Having Realistic Relationship Expectations

No one goes into a relationship looking for pain or heartache! But no matter how much love there is between people, feelings can and do change. Everyone has the right to end any relationship at any time, for any reason.

Doing that requires trust and sturdy boundaries that are well understood by everyone in the relationship. After all, being single can be great!

Letting go of expectations: Heather Marshall at TEDxGreenville 2014

However, that kind of intimate understanding only comes from lots and lots of honest and respectful communication. It takes time and effort to develop secret codes, inside jokes and a deep understanding of someone, so we have to be patient.

Even when we do have that level of comfort, misunderstandings will happen in every relationship, regardless of how long the relationship has existed.

setting realistic expectations in a relationship

What determines whether those misunderstandings are healthy or unhealthy is how those conflicts are handled.